Connecting to Ipod touch

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Im trying to figure out how to connect my env touch to my ipod touch to use to internet connection from the phone. Does anyone know if this is possible. I plan to use blue tooth because thats the only way i know to connect them. But i dont know why they just wont connect to each other. They find each other fine, i get the security code but the connection always fails.

I can connect each to my computer. I wasnt able to connect the Ipod touch to my old phone either. maybe its the touch.


  • Its the touch. ipod touches can only do stero bluetooth because Apple are assholes haha
  • lol i wont argue with that. but verizon isnt much better either. at least apple gives you some access to modify the program a little more. verizon charges for everything. i wish i got better service i would just go with an iphone
  • Look no further
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