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Hello all! Name is Dominic. Just got my Touch on Saterday and so far i love it! I read reviews on phones, and there are always people that get a new phone every couple of months whenever a "new kool" one comes out! And they are always super expensive, i cant believe it! Every phone i've ever had has been a piece of crap. I have many friends that have owned LG's and have never complained, all were very pleased. Matter of fact, i think my first phone was an LG! Yea, it was and i loved it. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Cant wait for mods, cases, batteries or anything else to come out for the Touch!



  • Hi Dominic, welcome to envtouch.org!
  • hey Dom i got mine about a week ago and i have to say that i am delightfully surprised with this phone the only thing i am not a real fan of is the locking screen and how dirty this thing gets. Mine is covered with fingerprints after one use. it gets annoying but i guess thats what you get when you buy a touch screen phone.
  • anyone here
  • btw i need to know how good the enV touch is. is it good, okay, bad, laggy, or suckish?

  • definatly good, i believe it the best non smart phone that verizon has to offer
  • Hey! So im stocked that I got this phone. I got it for free thru some luck. I went to the verizon store to replace my voyager because for some reason the vibrating mechanism stooped working, and when I finally got to a tech person they could not find any voyagers in the store or in the warehouse so they offered me to get the env touch for free as a permanent replacement for the voyager. and right after they completed the transaction they found some voyagers in the warehouse ;) Thought i would share that story haha
  • Oh yeh, I got a story, the same thing happened to me but I didn't have a voyager. I had an LG Banter, which the msrp for that phone is like 215 and they replaced it for free with an Env Touch. I couldn't believe it! I went from having a sucky phone that had a 1.3 megapixel camera, to a 3.2, no touch screen to a touch screen, and my other phone wouldn't allow you to use ringtones unless they were bought even if you put them on a micro sd, and it also would not play videos on youtube. So they gave me one hell of an upgrade.
  • LOL : this is Blackoolaid36, I've been logged onto this site for over a year now. I also have a vx11000 TRASH this is my 5th ENV . If anyones wondering why did I keep this phone, well it because, Verizon would only give me the same replacement phone per: contract. Does anyone care to think that Verizon my be reading this forum and monitoring this site. Just for thoughts !

    Blackoolaid36 out !
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