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hello all,
Picked up my enV Touch yesterday!
Out of the box, I took off all the factory clear protectors EXCEPT for the internal and external screens. I then put on LG's Black Silicone Cover (rubbery one)

However, I also purchased LG's enV Touch "Display Protector Patch", yet have not installed them. Part of me just wants to keep it how it is, as I cannot tell that the factory covers are on there with the silicone cover on. Should i just keep it like this?

Also the factory protector covers the entire external screen, whereas the "Protector Patch" only covers the 3" inch screen.



  • If it works just as well, I don't see a reason to take them off other than personal preference.
  • I've had the factory protectors on for a couple of weeks and they've been ok... but they're obviously not meant for the long term.

    I'd keep them on as long as you can and then get some new ones when your old ones get beat up.

    Mine have scratches and are starting to get dirty and look gross. But it surely made me think I should get the Zagg ones.

  • I kept mine on until I got my actual screen protectors in the mail and I was wondering to anyone that has screen protectors, does yours cover the little sensor box at the top left? because mine do, I dunno if I should cut it (even though Im pretty sure my sensor box doesnt work anyway)

    I was just asking because the factory ones didnt cover the sensor, so I dunno if its good to cover it or not
  • i have a verizon inner sheild on the outside ( half covering the box) and myine works flawless still.
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    I have mirrored screen protectors that cover the proximity sensor and I'm about to peel it back and cut out around the sensor. As soon as a call connects my screen goes blank since my proximity sensor is covered and that makes it impossible for me to dial extensions or enter pin numbers or passwords once I am in a call. I would HIGHLY recommend cutting out a spot for your proximity sensor.
  • thing is, even when I had the factory one on it would do that. and when the screen is fully lit I place my finger over it to simulate my ear or whatever and it doesn't do anything. I think it doesnt work but Im not sure if its worth it to bring the phone back because everything else works fine
  • Just take all protectors off of the phone and test when you are on a call, as I believe that that is the only time that it works. If it does, then cut a hole. If it doesn't, then do whatever.
  • Man! I kept my screen cover thingy on until it eventually fell off 3 days from putting my phone in and out of my pocket.
  • The proximity sensor will also dim the screen slightly when you are not on a call. It's hard to notice though.
  • FYI... I still have my factory covers on and i do not have ANY trouble with the sensor... no problems whatsoever and the factory plastic seems to be working nicely.

    However, I did have to return my first enV Touch becuase i was having trouble calibrating the top of the touch screen. Tech support had seen no one else have this problem and neither had i heard or read about online anyone having this problem...
    either way, they gave me a new one and all is well...

    I think i will put on the aftermarket screen protectors after a while (when the factory ones start to come off by themselves.)
  • There is a new thread titled LG enVtouch secret menu that has directions to recalibrate the proximity sensor.
  • recalibrating the proximity sensor (mentioned above) worked well for me after adding a screen protector. and yes, the prox sensor is also a light level sensor and will adjust slightly the backlight brightness based on ambient lighting. Also, note that it is disabled (for blanking the screen) if you are using a bluetooth headset, which of course makes sense, and your screen is controlled by your time-out settings.

    if anyone has tried the zagg protector, please post, i am considering it next when i use up the two that i have.
  • During a call my screen goes dark. I can just touch the dark screen and it lights up with keypad,etc. if needed.
  • obearden - I am using the Zagg now, and I personally like them, although it took me a while to get used to it on the touch screen. They are slightly tacky (as in grip, not aesthetics), so when you slide your finger on the screen it feels different. Also, they were a pain in the rear to put on well. You have to wet them with this solution that comes with it, put them on, and then squeeze out the bubbles. Mine came with a sponge, which was not nearly wet enough. If I had added a bit of water to it things would have been easier I think. The pieces would almost dry out before I could get them placed, and once they were placed, they couldn't move around, so I had to be exact when placing them.

    I got the whole kit, because it was the only thing Best Buy had in stock at the time. I recommend just the screen protectors, as the other small pieces were really hard to place, and I'm not sure that the other parts of the phone really need that much protection.
  • @Benny: The screen isn't actually lighting up because you touched it, it's lighting up because the proximity sensor is realizing you pulled it away from your head. At least, that's how it's supposed to work.
  • Like Niceguys said, you dont touch it. if the phone used the touch mechanism to light back up, your ear would probably be touching the dialpad constantly during your phone call. Thats why we have the proximity sensor :)
  • draconas- do u have a youtube account??
  • NGFL, I occassioinally pull my phone away from my ear to check the length I've been on hold. I have to touch the screen for it to light up, just as Benny explained. I'm fine w/ this.
  • Who offers the best (least hassle, no bubbles or orange peel look, reusable, or not) screen protectors?
  • I just installed a full body Zagg invisible shield on my wife's Env3. It took a while to get it on and I wasn't sure about it until the next morning because it still had some small bubbles. The instructions said not to worry about them, they would disappear within 24 hours. I was doubtful, but sure enough, next morning it looked and felt great. Also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.
    I wish I had gotten it for my Touch instead of the cheapo one I did. I couldn't stand it after 2 weeks and ended up taking it off and throwing it out. They're not cheap, but after playing with one, I'd have to say they look like they're going to be worth it.
  • my favorite screen protectors are from t mobile. they come in an envelope with like 14 of them i think. they are large sheets and you cut them to the size you want which i like. also they are super easy to put on and really not noticible once there. very smudge resistent and cheap, box of 14 is like ten bucks.
    Although it doesn't necessarily fall into the "no-hassle" category, I don't think that you would be able to find anything cheaper, and it seems like it would be pretty thick. The only thing I don't know about is how the touch screen responsiveness would be affected.
  • Anybody have a Skinomi TechSkin? I just ordered that.
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    I've got the Skinomi and never thought I could be so blown away by a little piece of plastic (actually urethane). Extremely durable. I can't imagine the thing ever coming off on its own. Having to apply it to your phone using the included fluid it a bit odd, but if you use plenty of fluid and are patient with the application I can't imagine anything that would beat it.

    Just place your phone out of the way (somewhere where there's no dust particles floating around and wait until it's fully dried (12-24 hours?) to turn it on and use it. I found I still had some very small bubbles after a day or two, but they disappeared completely within a week and now I'm left with a phone that has an extraordinarily durable, yet completely invisible screen protector on it.

    I'm surprised more users here don't have them.
  • Right on jhorac. I don't think Skinomi is as popular as Zagg, but based off reviews and other reading, they seem as good if not better than Zagg's. Can't wait 'till mine arrives in the mail!
  • Just ordered a Skinomi because of your recommendations (and it's half the price of Zagg's. Definitely needed to get one at some point, might as well get one highly recommended.
  • So after reading this thread.....the protector that is on its way with my charger kit is prolly crap. LOL
    If I get a Skinomi will I still be able to use a snap on hard case?
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