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Hi Guys,
My name's Chris - was a Hardware Engineer for 15 years. Have some embedded experience - C/C++ targeting VxWorks, done some C apps and assembly stuff way back... more fluent in VHDL/Verilog and validation in C++... I'd love to get involved with something targeting the new phone... I've had mine for all of 2 days and was just poking around inside it via BitPim...

I read that Qualcom is allowing developers to target their BREW based systems with no royalties - does anyone know if there is a toolset/libraries and/or documentation on this OS? Assuming someone would get things off the ground targeting this phone, what about some form of vob or repository system that is web enabled?

A past project of mine was hardware support for Broadcom's dual H264 decoder/video processor device - this chip (core) has several RISC cores inside it and had a linux front end on the system such that you could manipulate target files for the various cores through the Linux front end. I am assuming that the cellphone processor architecture is similar - any way to see it? I do realize this is not needed for most apps development - just curious...


  • You'll need some money.
    They want a lot of money for the compiler.
    The SDK is free.
    You will need the BREW Software Development Kit (SDK), a Windows® development environment and an ARM compiler (ARM has created the RealView™ Compilation Tools for BREW, available to BREW developers for $1,500, specifically to support BREW.)
  • Zoo - any idea if there is a student version of this compiler offered for a reduced price (I know - not likely)... I'm not looking forward to shelling out $1500... seems like any app development effort is dead in the water without it.

    "We struck an agreement in which Verizon and Qualcomm removed all the fees from developer to Qualcomm. Hypothetically, if a company like Facebook, which is not interested in charging for an app, will now be able to build a Brew app and not have it cost them money."

    If they're removing developer fees, maybe they'll also be offering a free compiler? Wishful thinking, I guess. Seems that ARM is probably uninvolved in these negotiations.
  • Some more links that may be helpful:

    2. Q: What do I need to create a BREW application from beginning to end?
    A: You will need the BREW Software Development Kit (SDK), a Windows® development environment and an ARM compiler (ARM has created the RealView™ Compilation Tools for BREW, available to BREW developers for $1,500, specifically to support BREW.) You will also need to plan for TRUE BREW® compatibility testing for your applications. Some operators require BREW applications to pass TRUE BREW testing before being made available to wireless subscribers. Applications that pass this testing will receive a digital signature from Qualcomm. Handsets will use this signature for authentication purposes before permitting an application to be downloaded or run.

    5. Q: What other costs must I incur to develop for the BREW platform?
    A: The BREW Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to developers at no charge. Qualcomm will also provide free web-based developer support. You will be responsible for acquiring your own development tools, including the RealView™ Compilation Tools for BREW.
  • GNU Compiler Now Available for BREW Developers

    BREW developers have a new, no-cost alternative to compile code for BREW-enabled devices. Qualcomm is now providing support for the GNU compiler. BREW support for the GNU compiler is available as a FREE download on the BREW Developer Extranet at the following link (the zip file is titled "BREW Support for GCC"):
  • I've added a post about this thread to my blog. Lots of useful information in here! Http://
  • Looks like some other people have added some good news about alternative compilers that are free. Indeed this is very good news. Verizon appeared to be promoting the creative process but then this $1500 road block killed all my creativity. Now with the GNU compiler new horizons and opportunities have been opened up. I don't actually have an Env Touch yet but I have two voyagers (kids in the family plan) and a Blackberry Storm. I'm looking to replace the Storm with something with a real keyboard and the touch looks amazing. Being able to develop apps will ice the cake. Now if they would just put the touch on sale I could get started.
  • Just put together a P4 with 3G ram from spare parts I had laying around - I'm in the middle of getting Ubuntu up on it and will do my best with the ARM cross compiler and BREW SDK... hopefully I'll have things sorted sometime next week...
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    So I have been searching around for ways to compile BREW apps (, but they all seem to need things provided by Qualcomm, like brewelf2mod.

    Does anyone know how to get Qualcomm extranet access to get these files?

    EDIT: Looks like you have to pay a bit of money for access... is there no way for non-commercial people to compile BREW apps?
  • I've been fooling around with Flash a bit, but I can't seem to get the MovieClipLoader class to work to make it easier to load up multiple games using the EZTipCalc replacement hack, I'll keep trying to get it to work later.
  • Thanks for all the info here guys. I'm seriously going to look into this...from the basic looks of it, will help me keep up my C/C++ coding between my programming classes.
  • Email me the programs you need and I will see about getting them for you.

    g h r r u m @ g m a i l . c o m
  • Now if you are just after the down and dirty for doing some apps for flash and need a compiler that will shift it over to flash lite here is what you are after.

    It requires a couple of additions, Pearl Package Manager etc. But they are all free and open source. (Save flash).
    If I am reading this right this is for compiling .swf files into flash lite.
    C++ is outside my knowledge, I've got a general handle on most of what is going on, but details usually escape me.
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    Trying to find a copy of the Realview Dev Suite for you folks to monkey around with.
  • Good luck, that program is expensive. Realview is an ARM compiler. It seems some people are trying to develop FLASH applications. Can the phone do FLASH applications?
  • The enV Touch runs Flash Lite. It's like Flash 10, but not. This is what keeps it from being able to run the full spectrum of internet applications (pandora, hulu, etc). Being able to port flash 10 onto the touch would greatly improve it's versatility, in my opinion.
    I don't see this as possible at present due to restrictions in the BREW os.
  • What is that to JanetLewis22?
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  • i think he is saying to take the loan and buy the compiler
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