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I just got my phone two days ago, and I've been playing around with the Twitter app. Does anyone know if there's a way to post a picture you took on your env touch to twitpic or yfrog? I know that you can do this on crackberries and iphones, but so far, I haven't been able to figure out if this is possible on my phone.


  • Not yet, it's something on the list for when we finally figure out how to mod this sucker.
  • haven't found one yet. BUT has a nice interface for twittering. It has a twitpic link, but I haven't been able to upload a pic using it. So I just send pics via MMS to my twitpic account.

    "When you log into, click on settings on the top right of the page. It will show you what email address you should send your pictures to from your phone."

    But I'm not sure it will work, because Verizon inserts a 250+ character advertisement when you send pics to an email address. Please try and then complain like hell to Verizon if their ad breaks the upload.
  • wait, i cant find a twitter app anywhere. How did you get the twitter app?
  • @Dizquierdo just go to the tweete website on your phone and login with your twitter credentials. cheers :)
  • hey, the web page is cool! Thanks
  • if i still have to go to the internet to use this twitter "app" then its not an app. why not just go to on the phone....
  • when you guys are saying app. im thinking of an actual app that you download and install on the device. not the stupid mobile web-page. that's not an app.
  • Tweete and another are technically twitter apps because they use the API call to access twitter. True, they are not phone apps, but offer the next best thing until one comes out that verizon doesn't charge for. Besides the is awful anyway. :)
  • ya there is a twitter app for the env 3 but not for the touch, i dont get that. the env touch should have the twitter app!
  • That pisses me off big time
  • You can take pictures or select pictures you've already taken and upload them using TweetToGo. It isn't a free app, but it does install and run on the enV Touch, so generally a better experience than a website. For free uploads, I'm pretty sure you can send emails with photo attachment to either TweetPhoto or TwitPic - just login to their websites with your Twitter credentials and poke around the settings. They should have someplace that displays an email address that is especially for your uploads, and then they just take whatever attachments you send to that address and post it to your photo stream. Cool stuff!
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