.jar files

Is it possible to install apps/games using .jar files?


  • there might be a way to hack it once someone gets bitpim to recognize it
  • I got bitpim to recognize the File System for the Lg Env Touch. My tutorial is under env Touch Tips, Tricks, and Hacks. I hope we can get .jar files to work too.
  • I would think that it's not likely that .jar files can be stored on the Touch, as historically BREW phones have been very distinct from java running ones. But perhaps the processor is powerful enough now to run some kind of emulator...
  • "is it possible to install apps/games using .jar files? "

  • substance1 is right the only files are listed at the end of the file names in the firmware for bitpim
  • Well gee thanks for bumping this year-old topic with absolutely nothing to add to it.
  • Cody, you are doing the exact same thing.
  • No, technically Cody is bumping a 12 hour old thread with something hilarious to add to it... much better
  • Sink this sucka.
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