Good Stylus for Touch

Can anyone recommend a stylus that they use, or perhaps one that they know is of decent quality (won't scratch the screen, holds up well, etc..)?


  • Well, personally, I have the invisible shield on my touchscreen to protect from far as a stylus, a Bic pen cap works fine.
  • I use the stylus from my Nintendo DS, but it does scratch that's why I stocked up on screen covers. Suggestion buy them off ebay, they are way cheaper and you can buy in bigger quantities.
  • Before I got a screen protecter I would use a Q-tip to avoid scratching the screen.
  • haha the q-tip idea is pretty funny. I use a pencil eraser but it makes smudge marks so i just wipe it off when im done.
  • Any PDA stylus works great. Preferably one with plastic point obviously. I frequently find myself using the one from my tablet PC as well, but that ones a little big to carry around. PDA stylus can be found at flea markets and sometimes a dollar stores.
  • yeah the ds stylus is okay. i don't know why u would need a stylus anyway. whats wrong with using ure finger?
  • Cuticle pushers are what I found to work nice. I found a never ending supply of them @ Target last fall for just $2 (in that front dollar section).
    It came as a "pedicure set" . . . SO worth it JUST for the friggin' tool!
    My gf also found longer ones at beauty supply stores. The Target tips were the right amount of soft and firm, though:)
  • Nintendo DS stylus works great

    these work great. you can just keep them in your pocket. i tape mine
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