Forgot security lock code.

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I somehow forgot my security lock code once I changed it. Is there anyway to find out what it is, or am I screwed?


  • check your manual, there HAS to be something in there, no one likes to do it but it helps.
  • did you change it? if not its the last 4 of your phone number.

    if you changed it im sure you can at least bring it to a store for help.
  • Try here. I didn't read it, hth.
  • One time I hit restore phone. And it deleted everything (well just contacts since everything else was on a microSD card). So then your phone is not programmed but when you dial that *228 number it reprograms it and then you can download backup assistant (free when you have online account access) and it restore my contacts. But all of your settings are changed to the original (including your security code!). So yes this will either change your code back by itself or you may have to backup your contacts and trying "restoring your phone." But then again you can't restore it without getting through the security menu.
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    you can try resetting your phone through codes. its the safe way to reset your phone. because when you reset your phone through software or hardware there are possibilities for datas getting corrupted or lost. but there is no such possibilities when you unlock through codes. thats y i prefer this method to reset my phone. i got the codes from this site to reset my phone totally for free of cost. try it.
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