Is wifi for the env touch possible?

I've been thinking recently about any possibilities towards making the env touch actually use wifi.
I'm currently looking through the security menu, seeing if theres anything where I can use to change any connections or figure out if I can connect to anything. But I can't seem to find that so far.
Another possibility that I've considered is possibly getting a connection via flash? But I have very limited flash experience (all I've done is make a custom wallpaper for this before) and I'm not sure if that's even possible with flash.


  • It would be possible if there was a WiFi chip inside the phone, but as far as I know, there isn't one. That means they would have to make a new revision of the Touch and include a WiFi chip in it for it to work. Even if the phone was capable of WiFi, it would have to be enabled by a firmware update, so it isn't possible. I think EVDO is fast enough anyways!
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