How Long is the enV Touch Battery Life?

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The enV Touch has a 950mAh Lithium-Polymer battery and is supposed to get 4.33 hours of talk time and 408 hours (17 days) of standby time. This doesn't exactly seem top notch to me, but I'm wondering if this is the battery life people are actually experiencing once they take the phone home and start to use it.

What are people's initial observations on enV Touch battery life?

UPDATE:If you'd like to buy an extra enV Touch Battery you can support by getting it through the link on this page:


  • I've been pretty active exploring the phone, loading ringtones, texting, taking pictures, etc. I need to charge the phone every two days (old LG 8300 was good for 4-5 days of normal phone use) so it's an adjustment in remembering to plug it in.

    I'd like to find out how to make the external camera screen brighter in daylight as it's pretty invisible without shading it.
  • I use the browser and media player a lot with a handfull of text mgs and calls, and need to recharge almost every night. I kinda figure the browser would eat up the batt, might look for a cheep 1500mA when some knockoffs start to come out. I think Verizon sells there version for $50!!
  • I'm a text and camera whore so I'm down to 1 battery bar within 10 hours of a full charge.
  • I'm with you Draconas. If i make it through the day i'm lucky.
  • It also doesn't help that I'm CONSTANTLY playing with the "curtain" screen lock and showing off the phone to everyone I run into.
  • I use the phone fairly frequent, and i can last 2 full days for the phone. But it depends on how much you use it really,
  • In my experience with the LG enV Touch, the phone and its functions have been great, but the battery life has been mostly disappointing.

    I'll give you a timeline, description of use, and battery life. I will apologize ahead of time for the long post:

    June 9 - Received the phone ~3pm, and plugged it in right away. Turned the phone on, let it do its over-the-air updates (the phone did 4-5 restarts), and then left it plugged in overnight.

    June 10 - First day with the Touch. Unplugged from charger at 7:30 am. I used it to check the news in the morning (max 15 min), made a few calls (total of 20 minutes talk time... I checked the usage via tools), and by noon, the battery is down to half. Left the phone on my desk without using it, and by 2pm it was down to 1 bar (wtf???). By 4pm, I got the alert that the phone is shutting down due to lack of battery charge. I have a strong signal in my office, so it is not due to the phone looking for a signal. Sucks for me, because I was stuck at work until 7pm that night and did not bring the charger. Got home and did the hard reset of the phone twice. I plugged it in and let it charge overnight.

    June 11 - Unplugged from charger at 7:30 am. I did not use the phone all day (to test the stand-by time). By noon, the battery was down to half (again). By 3:30 pm, the phone shut down (lack of battery charge). All this without using the phone. Not even to look at pictures, play music, or to just look at the row boat on the screen. I brought my charger this time and started charging at work. Went home and repeated the hard reset, and then charged it overnight again.

    June 12 - Unplugged from charger at 7:00 am. I called VZW support in the morning, and we all agreed that it could have been a bad battery. They sent the battery to me, but because it was Friday, I would not receive the replacement until Monday. Okay. Total of 20 minutes talk time with VZW support, and the battery still had 4 bars (full charge, or near full). I'll play with the phone over the weekend. By noon, same story (half charge), and dead phone by 3pm. French Connection, U.K. Charged the phone overnight while phone was off.

    June 13 - The phone would not turn on in the morning. I had to unplug, take the battery out, let it sit for a minute, put the battery on, and then the phone turned on when I pressed the power button (wth???). Funny thing was the battery did not charge at all (the phone turned back off again due to lack of battery charge). Had to drive far that day, so I was able to charge the phone via car adaptor. The one hour drive (and charge) gave me juice until Sunday night (with two bars to spare). And this was with talk time exceeding two hours, and mobile web surfing (facebook, news, email, etc.) Was it my home charger?

    June 15 - Went to local VZW store in the afternoon, and asked for replacement phone and charger. Got home, and did the same things again.

    June 16 - Guess what... same F-ing thing. Battery is dead by mid-afternoon with NO CELL OR DATA USE! Got home, charged overnight.

    June 17 - This will blow your mind... I used the phone for at least 30 min (call time) and some data use, and I did not even dent the battery indicator by the end of the day. The battery indicator had four bars. I did not charge overnight, just to check.

    June 18 - Brought my home charger with me to work. by 10 am, half charge. By 2pm, dead phone. WTF! Charged overnight again.

    June 19 - Battery charge lasted the day, and more. Did not charge until Saturday evening.

    June 22 - Contemplating getting a blackberry. I haven't yet, only because I had to go away for work and just got back today.

    I apologize for the long post, but I just had to share it in case others have seen this. Anyone else have something similar?
  • lonsilog-
    I spoke to Verizon about the battery life.

    -> Charging overnight DOES NOT help. It can drain the battery. (Charge until it says Fully Charged)
    -> It takes 3-4 charges to get the battery too it's full potential. (Meaning, it will get stronger after about 4 FULL Charge cycles)
  • One thing I notice is that many people turn on their phone before charging it fully. The manual says charge it fully first, then set up the phone.

    I had short battery life for the first couple of charges but now it seems fine -- in fact it seems a bit surprising considering how much I like to play with this phone. Also I think using the lock button to turn the phone off as soon as you are done using it helps.
  • if you really have to conserve battery life its a little sacrifice, but here is the easiest way
    turn off the touch vibration
    With it on i got 1 day (maybe) of battery life
    With it off i got 4 days (died by 2 PM) with constant use,
  • The best way to get the most life out of your battery is to break it in!

    When you first get the phone or if you already have it wait for it to die completely then charge it using the computer... do this four or five times then you should find yourself getting a lot more battery life out of it...

    Hope this helps
  • Like others I am so disappointed with the battery life on this phone. I had the original EN-V and I had the extended battery on the phone and it lasted a good long while.

    This phone, with all of the features, you would think that they would have a stronger battery to allow you to use the V-Cast, Videos, Texting, internet etc. without having to get the extended battery and even when you have one, which I do, it still doesn't last long.

    I do a lot of texting. Checking email and even use the phone to talk.....the battery does not last a full day. For traveling it sucks especially if you are away from the hotel all day.

    Does anyone know if there are desktop chargers for just the battery? My friend has this for his Sony phone and it is great to have your second battery charging while using the one on the phone.
  • Phone Features on:
    Short vibrate,Medium
    External backlight 7 secs.
    Internal backlight is 30 secs. (i rarely use it longer than that)
    Keybad Backlight always on (again rarely used longer than 10 secs.)
    Camera flash off(use camera once a day)
    Text about 6 hours a day
    ~All of this adds up to 50 hours of phone use~
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    One thing I have Read in Forums is that if you have "LOCATION = ON" it will EAT the Battery UP FAST!!!
    But even with "LOCATION = E911 Only" the MOST I get is about 36 Hours MAX!!!
  • Its a new phone, its gonna have technical issues. Just wait till the new firmware
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    I had largely the same battery experience with this phone; it was dead and powered down after only 12 hours, and most of that time was standby.
    After about a week of charge cycles, the battery time started to improve. It's been two weeks now, and I'm getting 2 days+, with moderate usage.
    Still, the standby/talk time is NOWHERE NEAR the published specs. Charging every-other-day or so is ok w/me, since that's what I got with my Dare.

    On another site, someone suggested "turning down the screen brightness one notch", to help with battery life. I don't recall seeing a brightness setting. Has anyone else?
  • Nope. Also, i gotta charge every night, But im okay with that.
  • I usually make it through 1 full day but if I end up talking for a cummulative period exceeding one hour the phone shuts down do to low batt situation after 12-14 hours. I have 2 of the same phones so I can always pop the batt out of the second phone if needed.

    But it really is on the line re acceptability--the phones battery life should be much better than this.
  • I have had to charge my battery 3 times today already. That is with maybe 2 hrs of talk time total, and maybe about 12- 15 text msgs. did not play games. It is REALLY annoying. I am going to buy an extra battery and hope that helps. I was impressed with the camera functions, but now that I have gotten more practice with it I miss my chocolate came out much nicer on it,,,smaller but better quality...
  • lonsilog....yes I have had these same things happen. It makes no sense. It is a total annoyance. When I had my chocolate, I charged it every 2-4 days depending on usage time. this one I have to charge 1-3 times PER DAY. there is an extended battery, but if you get that one it is bigger, then you cant use it if you have a cover on your phone. Just wanted you to know I feel your pain!
  • I don't really have a problem with the battery life, I just keep it topped off all day. However, if I were to be away from the computer for more than a day then I feel that I would probably be more upset as I mainly use my phone for internet.
  • UPDATE: After Turning OFF ALL "Vibrate" Mode Completely I just went 3 Days (about 6 phone calls & several TXT Messages & 5 Hours of Continuous Music :P
  • UPDATE: My problem is solved!

    I no longer have the P.I.T.A. battery life (of lack thereof) problem that I was having previously. I went through three different phones (through the local Verizon store, and through phone support) and three different battery exchanges. On the third phone (being 29 days into the upgrade), I requested to have the 30-day trial extended, which the phone support rep gladly honored (thank you!). Of course, I had to ask for it. And because I asked for notes to be appended onto my account everytime I talked to someone, they saw the history of my tragic experience with the phone. So, on my last phone, I decided to stick it out, and did all of the following:

    -Before turning the phone on, I charged the new battery while the phone is off overnight
    -The following day, I unplugged the phone and turned it on
    -I let it cycle through the over the air upgrades (the phone turned off and on several times). This took several minutes.
    -Checked for new firmware upgrade (in this instance, none was required; FOTA worked!)
    -Used the phone as I regularly would; this meant the haptic feedback was on, vibrate feature on, location-on (for VZ Navigator), Bluetooth on, etc.

    Having done these steps, I noticed that the battery life was still sh!tty, but a huge improvement over my previous experience. As time progressed (in terms of weeks), I noticed that the battery life gradually improved. Today, I can go up to three days before recharging. My averagedaily use is approximately 1-2 hours/day phone use, 2-4 hours/day data use, and 25-40 text messages sent and received/day. On several occasions I was on the phone for over 4 hours on a single call (using Bluetooth headset), but the battery indicator only decreased by one bar and I was still able to go 1-2 days of average phone use before feeling the need to recharge the phone (the battery did not die yet). So, YES I am pleased with the battery life now, and impressed with what the phone can do.

    I am not sure what made the difference. The phone replacement? The battery replacement? The firmware upgrades? (I did not check which firmware was on the phone on the previous two units) No matter. My phone works now, and I am very VERY happy with it. Whatever the problem was, and whatever the fix was, I am pleased with how Verizon handled my case.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or comments.
  • My battery goes up to 36 hours of regular usage, maybe 5 mins of phone usage, but easily 300-400 texts, and maybe an hour total internet. That being said, lately I've had a lot of downtime at work, and I've been browsing the internet for 6 or 7 hours a day at work. On those days, I have to recharge once at work and once at home. Thankfully, I'm rarely far from an outlet. I've noticed that the phone charges significantly faster if you turn it off. Also, if you use it for extended periods while it's charging, it can get disturbingly warm. It melted the glue holding the textured rubber to the plastic body glove case. But only the small plug where the belt clip would go; I actually kind of like it, it gives the back a little more character without sacrificing any protection.
  • the battery sucks big d***

    but since im not always on my phone txting calling web browsing etc. some days i could last all day on 3 bars (as its in my pocket 85% of the day)
    i always wanted to power cycle it but i just never got low enough bars to do the power cycles, i just cant risk leaving it uncharged for the night and having it dead in the morning and having no phone for the rest of the day
  • my phone has been great. when i got it i read the manual (people should always do this), charged it completely BEFORE turning it on.

    after a day or so of charging 3-4 times a day, the phones battery started lasting much longer, with me charging once in the afternoon and overnight.


    10~ minutes talking
    1000~ texts
    60~ minutes music

    recently i turned off haptic feedback, and the battery lasts much longer. also, bluetooth REALLY drains the battery, so leave that off too.
  • I was sick of the battery. It is my only true complaint about the phone. I went to, found a 1700mah battery for $20 including s/h! I just tested it out this week. It is VERY bulky, but I used to have a cover so without the phone cover it feels about the same. I use my phone constantly, for my mp3 in the car, for the dun hack, for the vz nav hack, for the internet, and about 100 texts a day. Every night it was dieing, especially since i play 2 sports in college and am constantly on a bus or away for a weekend. so, I bought the battery and charged it fully monday night. I used it like usual and purposefully haven't charged it. I'm finally down to one bar. Its THURSDAY AT 4PM! Defienetely worth the 20 bucks.
  • After working as an authorized retailer of verizon wireless, I can honestly say almost ALL PDA's, Smartphones, Blackberries, and advanced HTML devices (specifically touch-screen phones) have crappy (standard) battery life. Get over it. If battery life is one of the your personal concerns, touch-screen is NOT the way to go. Either get the Extended (but bulkier) 1500 maH battery, or carry a charger with you at all times like I (and many friends) have learned to :)
  • If I'm not using the browser and just texting, I can go almost 5 days without charging my touch...
  • I got my LG enV Touch in September 2009. I had no problems with battery life until I started my new job. It was the first office where no one is allowed streaming audio (internet radio), so I considered getting an iPod like everyone else. Then I remembered that my new phone is an MP3 player. So I ripped my entire CD collection and synched it to the phone (after getting an 8GB micro SD). Now I plug headphones into my phone and play music all day at work.

    So... NOW I have problems with the battery. I carry the charger around wherever I go. Once I left it charging all night and it wouldn't say "Charging Complete". When that happened, I let the battery run out completely until the phone shut down on its own. I even turned it on a dozen times for good measure until it wouldn't come on at all. Then I charged it while it was turned off. In a few hours it said "Charging Complete". Now it's back to normal and completing the charge when I leave it plugged in and powered on.

    I'm hoping that it's just poor battery performance and heavy usage and not a sign that I already need a new battery.
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