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crabsalt pointed out that you can use an incredible program on your homePC called Orb. www.orb.com

You install it on your PC, it (slowly) indexes all your media and you can access it on your phone! Incredible!

Audio works near perfectly. However, I am having some video issues. The first time I tried to play a movie, it worked fine. I couldn't believe it! I was amazed.
Every time since then, however, my browser ends up at a blank white page and if I hit the back button my phone restarts.

Hoping one of you more knowledgeable folks can figure this out...

Oh, you have to go into setting the first time and change everything to use 3G aac and rtsp...


  • well, after restarting (involuntarily) a few times, it seems to work very well again.
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    So with Orb, you can stream music and video from your PC to your phone?!
    There's ALMOST no need for an SD card with this.
    Thanks crabsalt and pyro, I have to try this.

    I saw the TV streaming ... but you have to have a TV tuner on your PC.
    When I ran the setup it said my computer has a TV tuner ...
    When I think of tuner I think of those rabbit ear antennas ... am I confused about TV tuners on PC's?
  • At first I couldn't get any of the media to work, even after following the advice above, but, like pyro, after a few times I have it up and running. I have to say that its pretty cool to not have to buy extra memory.
  • weapon-x,

    Is there a Coax-in on the back of your PC? If so, I think you could hook up cable to your PC and stream it to your phone. *jealous*
  • i went into layout and disables 'icon display' i think this has remedied the random crashes. maybe if it can't make a thumbnail from the video it crashes?
  • I am having a hard time with streaming anything to my phone. I am on a mac, and I have the newest mac version, like CTP4 or whatever, but, I installed it just fine, got the website to load up great on my phone, but I can't get anything to stream. I have the speed at 80kb/s, and the 3gp/aac setting for streaming. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it brings up the loading screen (the black loading screen) and then just goes back to the playlist. Any ideas or suggestions?
  • @Pyro
    Too bad I don't have cable. Haha.

    The same thing happened to me (black loading screen then going back to webpage). Just keep trying and it will start working.

    I found out you can turn on your webcam through your phone and watch the stream. It has a bunch of lag though.
    I got videos to work but the quality is horrible. I'd rather convert and place movies on my SD card.
    Music is okay/pretty good quality.
  • A TV-Tuner is something that you plug (usually) into your USB port and the other end is plugged into your cable outlet. (they can work with antennas too).

    In general, its better to use your SD card for this. I have several videos i ripped off youtube and converted to 3g2 with WinFF and the audio/video quality is GREAT considering they are from youtube.
  • @mecham
    not on a MAC but I was having that problem last night when I was trying to show off.
    I found (on my phone) that if you go into settings/more there is an option to restart orb on you PC remotely. That worked for me...

    I also cleared my cache, but I think it's the restart that did it...

    Also, I have mine set to speedtest. I usually test at rates much higher than 80kb/s
  • This seems very interesting and i'd like to try it out, but I'm wondering how this program is supported. Do they charge a fee for using thier service, or is it add supported?
  • Okay, so I have been playing with Orb on the EnV touch installed on a Mac, and it seems that if you change the stream settings to flash, it WILL work. videos are kind of laggy, but that's okay I think. free streaming! what!
  • @cgale I was wondering how it made money too. I have no idea.

    @mecham odd that the 3g aac rtsp setting didn't work for you. It's pretty cool that it converts everything to a file type that your phone can use. I agree that the quality is sketchy, but considering we def WERE NOT supposed to be able to do this, I'd say it's pretty awesome.
  • every time i try to stream music or movie it tells me unsupported document type any ideas as to y.
  • @regnilsnug

    did you go into settings and change the stream to 3g aac/rtsp?
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    The key here is, getting Orb to work in the first place. You may need another computer to test if you can access it and so forth. Once you sign up for Orb, you automatically have access to their forums that have all the helpful folks you could ever need, Mac issues included.

    I'm hoping to come up with streaming content suggestions in a week or so, no promises as I have been surprisingly busy lately.

    (edit - no, you can NOT automatically post to the Orb forums even if you've registered with them, you must do so yourself. Damn annoying, but you CAN still search for past issues, i.e. 'mac troubles'.)
  • Guys, please check thread
    for some TV channels I've added, hopefully one or more will interest you.
  • A lot of people are saying that the ver5 update has fixed the constant browser crashes when using Orb. Not completely fixed, but certainly not at the almost 100% crash rate it was. If you quit messing with Orb because of this, I suggest getting the update and trying again!
  • Ok guys. Im new to Orb and i still do not understand how to change my settings to 3g aac and rtsp. please help :)
  • So you need a data plan for this
  • jvrcb17, I haven't used Orb in months, but once it opens in your browser, there's a setting somewhere to change it to that.

    On that note, has anyone gotten this to work any better with the new browser?
  • okay. I looked into it and it looks great on polaris. I was able to watch live video from my webcam that's hooked up to my desktop. it's decent quality. there's no lag with movies. I have watched full films on my touch. and the browsing folders feature works great too. Music and video play better when you have better signal (obviously, lol) but it's really good.
  • Oh very good, jvcb17! You've got me thinking about buying a TV card again now! I was getting a kick out of checking up on my cat when I was out, but the program was so flaky on the phone it wasn't worth the frustration. I'll be checking it out again sometime later this week!
  • jvrcb17, how did you get yours to work? When I log into mycast.orb on the Touch, I go to Settings on the bottom. I then click on Stream. When I see Select a stream format, 3GP Format is checked and the others are grayed out. I know that I want 3GP-AAC/RTSP .3gp selected. Any ideas on what's wrong with my v9 browser?
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    I ran through the troubleshooting section Orb offers on their mobile site, but all of the videos were unsupported and wouldn't load, except for the Windows Mobile videos. They'd load... or pretend to, before saying they were unsupported as well.

    EDIT - I'm an idiot, the preferences were grayed out, but poking at it carefully got it to make the change to the proper format. Works great, and seems much faster.
  • gonna try to revive this thread since orb has sparked some excitement for me. Those of you who have it working nicely, can you get it streaming webcam 100% of the time? Or do you have to restart it constantly until u luckily are able to stream? I'm looking for a foolproof way to get it working 100%. So far, only 1 out of 20 logins have worked for me.
  • FWIW I read a thread at Orb, they have apparently gotten rid of the 3gp support to force users to buy an app, so DO NOT upgrade to 3.0 just use 2.0!
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