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Hey Guys, I thought it would be a good idea, if we gave feedback on apps, games, things we have purchased from verizon for our phones. That way we can know if we need to stay away or if its a good purchase. I want to buy a game but i dont want to spend money on something that i am going to hate


  • Great Idea. I'd also like to see quick reviews of flash games we can use for the Touch too. I will upload some reviews soon.
  • First off. Stay away from the Scrabble version available right now for the Touch. It's virtually unusable. It must be played on the touch screen. In full screen mode it's so tiny it's illegible. In zoom mode it's harder to keep in place than the icons on Touch's homescreen.
    Love MiniPutt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is my Touch screen game in place of EZTip. On the inside screen I have a great Black Jack game that uses the number keys to play, no mousing around at all required. Unfortunately I have no idea where I found it. The file is called "no+limited+black+jack". I got it off of one of the free game sites.
    I'm also very fond of ZooKeeper. It's on the TouchScreen version of World Clock. It's a little tricky selecting the animal heads sometimes, I cheat and use a PDA stylus most of the time.
    Also love Squares2Sheep. On the PC it was way too fast for my ancient hand to eye coordination, but on the Touch it slows downs just enough to be quite addictive. (Also a stylus preffered game for me).
    I'm still looking for a keys only game for the internal version of World Clock. Any one have a suggestion?
  • A game called Castle Defense works well. Stick people come at your castle and you have to pick them up and drop them from a high height. You have to get used to just using your finger/finger nail to actually grab the stick people. My Nintendo DS stylus worked well with it though. The very big setback of this game on the Touch is that you can't save your progress.
    Side question:
    How do you know which games work on the Touch's keypad and which games are they?
  • I field test them online first. if they can use arrow keys and the spacebar, sometimes they'll work. But if they show numbers over the choices (like the Black Jack game I mentioned) you're ready to rock.
  • @buffalo
    i have pac-man on on my internal screen and it works well. got it off the the thread explaining how to overwrite eztip with a .swf game.

    I think i may purchase the simcity they have on the media center but want to read some reviews first.
  • I'm not nimble enough for the Pac-man, I've tried it.
  • I have the pacman on my phone, replaced the tip calculator with it. it has some bugs where i cant read the title or anything on the start screen. but the game works well. not sure if its suppose to have music. I did find it on a random site so i may try and get the one from the link. I am thinking of getting sim city too, so if anyone knows about it, let us know. thanks
  • I just found this a site, this guy reviews mobile games. All i know is he is in IT, I read some of the reviews, browsing through them, and he does offer a pretty full review of the games, and additional downloads. Navigation is weird, mainly find the game titles on the bottom. Worth taking a look at until we get this going with more user reviews.
  • @ WeaponX
    Where did you get this castle defense game?
  • i used the firefox flash hack to get a swf version on bubblewrap (iphone app) and it works well on the touch just one thing, the bubbles are kind of small
  • I tried Alpine Racer 3d from VerizonWireless. I was hoping for another accelerometer controlled, outside screen game. I don't know about you guys, but those iPhone commercials showing various games controlled like that on the iPhone just blow me away. You can start up the game on either screen, but at first I couldn't figure out how to control the player on the outside screen. I read enough of the Help in the game to see what controls on the keyboard controlled what, and so at first thought it was inside-screen only. Then I read more of the Help and found that when using the outside screen one simply had to touch either the left or right side of the screen to steer the player in each direction.'s not accelerometer controlled, BUT it's very nicely playable on the outside screen. Who knows, it might really be better controlled like that, since moving the screen around has the potential for making it harder to see the player racing down the mountain?

    While navigating thru the menus, the responsiveness was sluggish, didn't quite look right. It had me worried about gameplay. But once the game started, everything was fine. Gameplay is smooth while racing down the mountain on either screen. I've still only played it a little bit, but it's going to be a great game while killing time in a doctors office, or some such. There are multiple paths one can take down the mountain, I think I saw 3 left or right choices along the way and have gone both directions in my two trips down the mountain. It seemed like there were more trees and warning-post things to steer around on the left side. In spite of the iPhone commercials, I still don't have high expectations for graphics on such a small screen - somebody else might have more criticism for the game, but I thought the graphics were great for a phone game. All in all, if you like snowboard/skiing games in general and want one for your phone, this one is good.
  • the ooold and great galaga(if your middle-aged) only works on touch screen. but forget it. no good
  • Good touch screen games for eztipcalc and world clock:
    miniput (THE BEST)
    connect 4 (great for 1 and 2 players)

    Good touch screen flash games for "fun animations" (used for touch screen background):
    tic tac toe (1 player and 2 player fun!)
    pong (the ultimate classic)
    nucleus (you move a "charge" from the outermost electron shell to the nucleus of the atom. as levels progress, you start workin with multiple atoms, double bonds, covalent bonds, etc. unfortunately the save system doesn't work so you have to start all over whenever you play)
    duck hunt (old school NES version is nice when NOT set as background*(see below), although theres a different version where you shoot green ducks with a shotgun. FUN!)

    *lil trick that i found (sorry if someone else said this and i failed to notice)
    When flash games are set as backgrounds, they run kind of slow, however, if you play them in 'preview mode', they run at normal speed. (just make sure you have a game that doesnt require you to slide ur finger sideways, cuz then you'll flip to the next background)

    Also, if you have auto lock on for background games, they will reset whenever the screen locks/goes black.

    As far as *real* games go:
    Resident Evils are always great.
    Don't know if there are any Castlevanias out for the Touch, but mobile Castlevanias are nice.
    Zuma is good for killing time.

    Lookin forward to trying some internal keypad games. I've tried a flash zelda, but was disappointed since it didn't work with the Touch keyboard. I don't understand why it would work perfectly with a computer keyboard but not the Touch's. Oh well.

    props to quikci1ver and buffaloquinn (for adding the flash aspect). I've wanted to start a post like this but never got around to it. Good work!
  • andervil where can i get nucleus and how can i put it on my phon
  • Tutorial for putting flash games on your phone:

    This tutorial is for replacing eztipcalc or worldclock, however, nucleus works best* if you replace your "fun animation" wallpapers (and play them in preview mode). If you don't know how to do this, let me know. Its the same exact process, just replace one of the 4 wallpaper.swfs located in the flash directory.

    To download flash games off the internet, its very useful to use this website:

    Open that website in a separate window and paste the website that has the flash game that you want where it says URL:
    This is one of the many websites that has nucleus: (so paste this where it says URL)

    check the box that says you agree. and click OBJECTS. Then click GET FILES.

    Then right click one of the items that comes up and save it wherever you want.

    Follow the instructions from the first website above on how to replace your wallpaper/eztipcalc/worldclock with a flash game.

    Try any other games you find that work nice and are fun. Post your findings. Nucleus would be great if the save feature was usable.

    any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Surprisingly the Impossible Quiz and Toss the Turtle work.

    Many point and click adventure games work.

    Also many escape games also work very well especially when you tell someone to solve them.

    Just the eztipcalc hack allows many games to work.

    I've gotten games to work that were over 10 mb.

    Also, what do you overwrite for the fun animations hack?
  • for the fun animations, you overwrite the wallpaperType#Sub.swf and wallpaperType#Main.swf (the # is either 1,2,3,or 4 depending on which fun animation u want to overrite). These are found amongst the folders containing the eztipcalc and worldclock swfs.
  • I am brand new to the env Touch and multi-media/Smart phones all together. I downloaded "WPT Holdem 2" for my enVTouch and MAN! it sucks. I can barely read the cards (you have to use the internal screen). Am I doing something wrong?
  • Ok I know it is not that amusing, but i got ramps instead of ez tip calc.... damn that game is adicting....
  • good find, just played it on the kinda game. how fast it play on the phone?
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