Insurance Trick

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This is kinda shady, but i was thinking about doing an insurance claim on one of my old phones which have been discontinued. One of my friends did this on an old LG phone and was told that he'd get something comparable since his phone at the time was discontinued. I Have four phones which are still in usable condition, I'm pretty sure they are all discontinued but i could be wrong... so what do you think is comparable to the following phones?

Motorola: RAZR, SLVR, KRZR

Samsung: GLEAM

If that actually worked it would have to be something that rivals my Touch because its the best phone I've owned.


  • Nice try but it wont work, They carry refrubs for products and if you dont have insurance on the phone now they wont let you put on.
  • Wont work, i had insurance on my old phone, and what they call something comparable to the phone you have now is far from it. i received a phone with a screen size about the size of my thumbnail, and no applications and tools, while my old phone had a great size screen and tons of tools. My gf had a black jack, and her insurance gave her the most fake feeling blackberry i have ever seen. not worth your time. I even cancelled and no longer get insurance because of this reason
  • quikci1ver's story kind of makes me want to encourage yinz to try this trick.

    *clenches fists to keep self from tl;dr rant*
  • Not true. I had a voyager undr warranty, and they gave me the touch as my new phone, since the voyager is discontinued.
  • Speaking of insurance trick. What do you think about putting tape over the water markers between the phone and battery so that even if your phone get's wet it doesn't show water damage?
  • great idea beindos. just make sure the part directly on top of the water markers aren't sticky (small piece of reversed tape). Then you could just take it off nicely before hittin customer service. dunno if thats what you had in mind, but i think im gonna do it haha. thanks.
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