!!!!!!Free Env Touch ACCESSORIES!!!!!!

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Go to this website complete a few simple offers and spend your points on anything of your choice.Simple and Easy.Give it a try!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    u just want the referrals don't you?
    i saw the mirror like lcd screen protector and it's only 40 cents! thanks for the site and u should thank me for using ur referral link.
    here is my referral link: [link removed]
  • thanks weaponx I thouhgt I let everyone know about this site because its so easy to earn points to buy anything.
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    please refer me guys :)
  • why are you helping this spammer???
  • its actually works tho! :)
  • thanks gjaved915 how many points u ha
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    how do i refer you, when i click it takes me to my homepage.

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  • Sorry people, nothing personal, but this is a pretty junky thread so I've closed it and removed the links. Many people regard these types of sites as scams, and I don't want enVTouch.org to turn into a breeding ground of referral links.
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    Chewy has since post two more identical threads which I had to delete. Cut it out. Next stunt like this and you're banned.
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