Porting Android

Although the UI on the vx11000 is nice, Android OS is a lot more supported and expandable.
I propose we port the Android OS to the Env touch.
Doing some research in this I have discovered a few things:
1. The chipset in the Env-Touch is Qualcomm msm7500a ( will post pictures of the guts later)
2. HTC-Touch already has a working branch for android linux for msm7XXXa devices.
3. We would need to either write our own bootloader, or hack into LG's/qualcomm
4. Figure out how to flash the bootloader
5. Get android OS files onto the phone (possibly using the microsd card)

Usefull link:
Set up your machine for development
Qualcomm talk:
Similiar project:

I am trying to find a good website to host a wiki, git and project managment.


  • is this possible?
  • Someone find a Linux guru and tell them that there IS NO WAY they could do this. Then they'll get it done in a week.
  • Yeah but before any of this is started, what would the benfits of even having a Linux Kernel on my phone?

    -Free games?
    -More accessible apps?
    -Easeier to navigate?
    -Talk shit because you have linux? Hahahah

    Just wondering because i've messed with modding mobile devices OS's before and I'd want it to be worth it.
  • @dookieboy

    I do believe it would become a "smart" phone.
  • Yeah but my point is... what is it capable of? Running what types of programs then.. It's all about that. I don't care if my phone is smart, I want it to run programs whether its running the current OS or Win7 lol...
  • so does this mean its possible? and what does it have to do with linux?
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    @ koluho
    Android is based on the linux kernel.
  • oooohhh but is it possible?
  • I really have no idea. I suppose that some leet hax0r could recompile the kernel and mess with all of the settings to get it to work with the hardware, but then there is still the trouble of getting it onto the phone and uninstalling the BREW OS. I would say that it is possible, but it would take a lot of time and I don't know if anyone wants to put that much in.
  • Any updates?
  • Guys, I think if someone does do this, it will take them some time. A LOT of time, in fact. And there will need to be testing, of course - just 'giving' it to us would be irresponsible without having done otherwise.

    In other words, don't hold your breath! We'll all welcome it if it happens of course, but this sort of thing takes awhile.
  • I am def. all for this. LMK if I can do anything to help...I'm just not a coder. :)
  • I would love to see this happen. If i had any clue how to do it i would, but that is not the case, i would support development in any way that i can.
  • I would love to have WinMobile Professional on here myself, but I know it isn't possible. I think we're all just wasting time talking about this. Even if it's possible technically, I just don't see how it could be done and stay within the constricts of Verizon's terms of use contract.
  • Even if this is possible I guarantee you would have a very ineffective device. For someone that wants a smartphone, env touch is not the way to go in the first place
  • sorry for the lengthy response

    @pyro LO freaking L The comment about saying a linux guru makes me giggle. For three funny reasons
    1- My favorite Professor and Mentor are linux guru's note one is a professor and mentor to me and the other is a mentor and a student at Georgia Tech
    2 - I am currently training and experimenting with the different distros so I can get my linux certs and become a linux expert my self
    3 - I will be attending a linux install fest this saturday and I think the opportunity will arise for me to ask

    @blade_run Honestly this is what I have been working on more or less. My girlfriend got her hands on an LG env touch that she could do nothing with so using this site and my programming skills i unlocked it more or less. But I do believe putting android on it would be more cost effective then buying a phone and worth while as far as experience for me.
  • this sounds...impossible but then again im not much of a hacker so whatever do your thang
  • Maybe its possible
  • ....perhaps it is lol
  • Here we have the images needed and some flash instructions. I believe that hardware would prove to be the limiting factor. I could not get the detailed specs about the ENV Touch hardware but that would be most useful in this situation before i plan to proceed. Anyone could help with this?

  • sorry to bump such an old topic but is there updates to this project? or is it just dead?

    I'm really hoping to make my new enV a smartphone as it looks to have the hardware but the software is a limiting factor
  • Not sure to call it dead just yet. Although I have yet to put any work into porting android to it. I am mainly looking for help in cracking the firmware nowadays. As far as what blade_run is doing I am unsure of.
  • good to know, by what I've been reading it sounds like the firmware is the biggest problem with this phone as far as homebrew goes

    best of luck to you sir, also I wish I could help but I'm just beginning to learn java programming (yeah JOptionPane dialog boxes!) so I doubt I'd be much help

    please post any progress, I'd be happy to read about it ;)
  • We currently are working on creating a megaupload account to work on cracking the BREW file system by comparing different text strings and creating clear, clean, unsigned versions.
  • cool, how do I contribute when that starts up?

    hope we can have this cracked soon
  • so is their anything i can do to help? do we need a Guinea pig? or more research or it just wont work?...this sounds very interesting.....
  • maybe we could do a China Mobile Ophone, iPhone OS, Symbian, or Blackberry OS as well
  • Is this thread dead or is it being worked on?
  • Its dead, blade_run hasnt been on since he made his first post...
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