I want My-Cast not Weatherbug, but how?

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I've had my Touch for 24-hours and I have to admit that my first venture into touch phones is both cool and frustrating. Cool: we only saw this type of technology on The Jestons and Star Trek when we were kids. Frustrating: typical Verizon lock-down.

I've been reading posts on hacking for a couple of hours now, but none have shown how to d/l and pay for an app that is not available for the Touch. I want the My-Cast we had on our standard LG phones (verizon) the last few years. It was quick and the clear radar could zoom right down to our county. Weatherbug can only zoom down to 3/4 of Texas and has very little contrast, making it difficult to view in sunlight, even on the big external screen.

Yes, I want to pay for the app, not pirate it. Truth be known, $2.99/month is cheap insurance against losing a $6,000 hay field in a single afternoon. We have 5 months to make an entire year's income, so having precise weather coverage on our phones is mandatory.

I reason that it isn't piracy if I'm paying for the app. It's just that I'm paying for an app Verizon won't let me have. Of course, will the computers in accounting flag it because it doesn't go on the Touch?

Thanks for your help.


  • you have to go here http://mediastore.verizonwireless.com and click apps, look for what you want and send it to your phone.
    it might not be available for the env touch because there is not a lot for the phone.
  • Thank you for your suggestion, ecoenVtouch. Unfortunately, I had explored that avenue and was hoping someone here might have a workaround. Perhaps there will be enough complaints and requests to Verizon. That is the only suggestion the Verizon rep had when I asked about new apps.
  • ya they need more apps, like i really need a twitter app!
  • "like i really need a twitter app!"

    lol. I agree!
  • Yes, there aren't enough apps for our phone. if its all flash, then why cant we get them in our app store?
  • Social Beat does Twitter and it's free
  • We launched TweetToGo for the enV Touch on May 3rd, and have a lot of people trying it out. It isn't free but by next week there should be a one-day free trial option so you could check it out without committing your hard-earned cash. You can get updates from us at @GetTweetToGo or from tweettogo.com if you're curious.
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    find a phone thats closest to the envTouch that can use my-cast. figure out the platform ID of that particular phone (google it). change the platform id of your touch to the platform ID of the phone that is my-cast-capable. then browse and download my-cast. It will most likely not be perfect due to compatibility issues. but it was done with social beat b4 that was made available for the env touch, and I've done it with a few other applications on the touch. hopefully theyll offer a free trial for a little bit so you can test out the compatibility. for more information about changing platform id:


    quick search has found that my-cast is available for: lg dare, lg versa, lg voyager, and lg env 2 and 3. I would try dare, versa, and voyager first, since they are touch screen and may be pretty good. ill try to find the platform id's for u.

    these may be wrong...

    dare: 2353
    versa: 1274
    voyager: 2305

    *please do this at your own risk. not guaranteeing it will work, but chances are decent. also don't be mad at me if things get F'd haha.

    wow...just realized the first post is from october...so i just wasted my time haha. dang.
  • Andervil, your commitment to helping all of us is appreciated even if you think it should be otherwise. Do not let this keep you from exploring other variables!
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