Recover deleted pictures from your phone

Have you ever deleted a picture from "My Pictures" and couldn't recover it? Here's an easy trick.

USB Cable
enV Touch

In BitPim...

FileSystem < brew < mod < 10888 < ___________

And inside the folder "10888" you will find every picture that you've ever saved to your phone. Just right click and save it to wherever and viola.



  • hmmm. the next question is how to actually delete a picture from your phone...
  • Yeah, this did NOT work for me....the deleted pics were not in that folder or any other. guess they are really gone for good :(
  • sweet yay to get old "pics" of my ex gf ;p
  • Does it only work for recently deleted or does it pile them up? i accidently reformated my memory on the external. will it show those pics?
  • All i could find there are pics that are currently on my phone.
  • ya Gen i was tryin to find out the same thing i would love to be able to find them agin they were all on my phone berfore i sent them to the card so i wonder if i can still get them back???
  • I dont understand this FileSystem < brew < mod < 10888 is this after you have already pressed the "Get Phone Data" icon? I see An icon down towards the bottom that says "Filesystem" but there is nothing in there. Could you please elaborate a bit more on how this process works? thank you very much for your time.
  • Please Search the forums before asking questions
  • Awesome thanks for your help, ill be sure to search the forums more next time
  • Well, wheher the deleted pictures are reocverable or not depends on where they are stored.
    If internal memory, the answer is NO.
    If extenral memory card, then possibilities are there. Just take a photo recovery tool and everything will be done.

    NOte: the first thing should do is stop using the phone to take more photos or save more data in case data overwritten.
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