Custom apps? Let's try it!

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So after using this site and looking through my program menu I found the setting that tells the env touch where to get apps. If someone could find the best way to develop apps then it would likely be possible to get them on the phone. I want a twitter app!

If anyone would like to look into this, please post here and tell us your progress!


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    I've posted on my blog about this. Also, please follow and @ me on twitter! Link and RSS can be found on my blog.

    Some dev info found using BitPim 1.0.6
    Browse the filesystem (using tips from this site) and go to brew/mod/275813
    Within this folder are several txt files, aptly with the words dev_info somewhere in the name.
    This could possibly provide some information to bend or break the system.
  • I get my new every 2 this Sunday and plan on prolly getting this phone but I just want to throw out, and correct me if the phone already has this but there should be a simple app that you could shortcut to that turns the flash led on for a flashlight. I remember people having older phones years ago which did this and I think it would be incredibly useful. I don't know if apps would be able to access this hardware level or not but...just my $.02.
  • There SHOULD be an app for it, but even if there were Verizon would probably charge $3.50/month for it. Of course, it'd probably be pretty simple to make an app like that, but I'm under the impression that BREW app creation requires an expensive license even after we've hacked up an independent app server.
  • There's already a simple hack listed here on how to make the phone a flashlight. You basically set the video camera settings so it won't turn off after a minute, and turns on the flash continuously while videotaping. Then, to become a flashlight, you just start the video recording. When done, you just discard (erase) the video. I don't see a vital need for a separate app when it is this simple.
    I'm a software developer with 20 years of experience. I know Java, C, and C++, which I believe are the main languages used to develop on this phone. I think a useful and simple app would be one that addressed a browser deficiency. You put the URL of something you want to download into a textbox (by copy and paste from the browser URL line, for example), and then select the folder you want to put it in (the folders like my_flix that are currently not accessible directly from the phone) and it downloads that file (let's say a PDF, Word, Powerpoint, or MP4 or jpeg) to the folder you select. Now you can access the file on your cell without having to download it from your PC.
    I would like more info on how to develop for this phone. Am I limited to BREW apps? How do we add selectable applications and wallpapers instead of just redirecting from existing ones? These things are all possible, we just need to know more about how the phone works (and it's probably almost identical to how the Voyager LX10000 worked). As mentioned, the starting point is at the BitPim website and reviewing its source, but there is much more that programmers could do. I have some free time (not a lot), but I would be willing to work on a simple program like this some and I would be willing to give it away as well once I've made it.
    I'd suggest that if you are a programmer and a member of this forum, you should note that in your member profile, along with your level of ability and previous cellphone experience. Just a suggestion. It would be nice in the future to have an actual developer's forum or subforum, not for developing professional games and apps necessarily, but just for developing practical simple utilities like I described that would make the phone more useful without stepping on anyone's (like Verizon's) toes (e.g., avoiding any apps that could potentially cause a significant dent in their razor-and-blades profit model). Interested in other's thoughts, and a shout out if you are an interested developer.
  • I have added a custom name/value pair to my account, "Programmer", with the value "Experienced".
    I suggest every developer add this precise name/value pair, and just to get started, use the ballpark value terms:
    Experienced (5+ years or 2+ years cellphone development)
    Midlevel (
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    I've added a software development category to the forum. I'll look into adding a search query on that custom attribute, but I think people could pretty easily idenify themselves as developers just by posted to the appropriate category.

    I'm excited to see what you come up with, miketr.
  • Personally, I'd like the light app as I don't have a card for mine yet and my internal memory is getting kinda full. lol I'm a ringtone nut.

    I'm a beginner, I'm techy adept, know about programming (actual languages, mostly HTML and other web dev stuff, but I know some Basic and C++ also). As far as cellphones, I have zero experience.

    Definitely willing to contribute though.

    In a post on my blog, I listed some apps I would personally enjoy.

    I've noticed that stuff such as EZTipCalculator is actually Flash files (.swf extension). Does this mean we can develop Flash apps for our phones? And if so, can we install them some way other than overwriting the EZTipCalculator files?

    Seems like I saw a setting in the program menu where we could change the website where our phone downloads its apps.
  • looking for a fm radio tuner for my env touch. the samsung enoy has it but the rest of the phone is junk. the storm is supposed to have it but i didnt get a blackberry. please help
  • Great news guys, I'm back in college! Taking some classes AS OF RIGHT NOW that will hopefully let me help a little more on this.

    Integrated Software Applications
    Micro Systems I
    Fundamentals of Networking

    Hopefully this will be fun. If I get lucky I'll sign up for the C++ Class if someone drops it.
  • I guess I qualify as a beginner. I have several years of programming javascript, c++, visual basic (haha... I know), but that was years ago. More recently i took some CS classes before i dropped out of Georgia Tech. I'd be willing to help in any way I can. You'll have to bear with my lack of proper punctuation, as i do most of my browsing on the phone right now, and even with the full keyboard, i get lazy haha.
  • I have tried to change the addresses to my website place where I have developed brew apps for the lg env touch. Everything worked well except when I tried to go to brows and download then get new applications but it said "Unable to verify your account information. Please call customer service obviously I can't call customer service.

    Any Ideas?
  • Oh s... I tried to set it back and it is still not working.
  • I restarted the phone It works again I don't think we should mess with this anymore thow because It now has something that ses my apps and when i click on it it does nothing. It is very anoing.
  • Any Ideas?
  • so r u saying u can make apps?
  • Yeah pretty much it's becoming complicated. But yeah.
  • Update for Koluho:
    We can I just figured it out it's working.
  • DO you want me to help you get games on there for free any game.
  • Arevyou saying that you found a way to compile brew applications or that you found a way to hack them for free?
  • I have found a way to compile brew applications. You can download that now ebay twiter yahoo google apps light app ... Games.
  • YOu ask me if I have it if I don't I might make it.
  • I also have this app (I think you will find this impressive) I have created an app that when opened allows you to control your computer it is fully functional fits to your screen perfectly you can zoom in and out and open any programs as if your computer was right in front of you you can do this from anywhere with verizon coverage I have gone out into the middle of nowhere in Utah and still had coverage.
  • I am trying to find away to also make this available for the droid but I would have to make an entirely new application, I am also trying to make this available for the blackberry storm, the Omnia. It is available for the Versa and the Voyager but it is hard to install on the phones.
  • Are you looking for testers or helpers?
  • I'm looking for anyone who wants free apps.
  • I'll try it I guess.
  • Count me in too. I'm game.
  • What does all of this entail?
  • what an amazing breakthrough. count me in too
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