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every time i try to access the new facebook touch site (the link is found at the bottom of facebook) it just shows that its loading but it never comes up. Anyone else having this problem. I was really hoping to get it set up because the current version of facebook is pretty crummy


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    It works fine for me.

    Scratch that:
    It stops working once i log in. It had me tricked for a minute.
  • Yeah it just shows the loading symbol for me too.
  • I managed to log in, but it "loads" the facebook home page minus any personal stuff, and nothing is a link. It's like a large jpeg of the homescreen. annoying haha.
  • I'm not having any problems. Are you talking about the iphone facebook or the verizon wap facebook? I'm using the wap one. (I think that's what it's called)
  • no, we're talking about touch.facebook.com
  • Verizon probably blocked it's functions on purpose. When I go to it on my laptop it loads fine. But on the touch it just sits trying to load. I don't appreciate Verizon doing it, but their network rocks.
  • Wow, did you type all that with your tin foil hat on? What possible reason would Verizon have for blocking a legit, popular site for everyone on their network? I'm leaning towards the touch site being designed for more capable smart phones with touchscreens (i.e., iphone, bb storm, g1, etc) than our dumb phones. The touch site loads and works fine on my roommate's G1.
  • Lite.facebook.com serves the same purpose. everything is larger and it is easier to navigate.
  • I know this is an old thread, but I want to say that with the v8 update, the phone gets a new browser and touch.facebook.com works!
  • How do I get to the Facebook touch site? I dont see a link on the Facebook page. Does it matter if its the mobile Facebook site?
  • It should b on the bottom of the page mayb
  • The easiest way would probably be to just type touch.facebook.com into the url bar.
  • I'm interested to see if the touch.facebook.com website works on the new browser on the v08 firmware.
  • it does, and its ball'n
  • Is anyone able to check in with touch.facebook? I am not able to check in.
  • if you upgrade to the newest firmware it works i was actually just on it and it works great
  • if you upgrade to the newest firmware it works i was actually just on it and it works great
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