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i am really frustrated and just want to get rid of this phone....i have done everything i can to try and put movies on my phone...formatted the sd card several times....put them in the my flix folder but as soon as i put the sd card back in it says no videos...i go to the memory under settings and tools...card memory has no videos....but usage says 3.78gb so i know there there but why in the heck cant i get to them.....grrr this is driving me crazy..i work 3rd shift and bought the phone just for that. the guy at verizon talked me outta the ipod touch phone cause this one was supppose to do the same thing......please please someone help before i sling it against the wall.


  • Are the movies properly formatted?
  • all are avi....mv4 .....or mp4
  • Isn't there a better format, one suggested in the tutorial (easily found with the search function) that works better with this phone? I could be wrong, I haven't put any movies on my touch yet, so I haven't read the tutorial closely. Couldn't hurt to try, though.
  • I have not had any problems putting movies on my phone. What i do is i get the movie i want, and I run it through a converting software called "Videora LG enV Touch Converter"I take movies from my ipod and change it for my phone. its great. I download episodes from www.onlineepisodes.com run it through the converter and put on my phone by placing it in the my flix folder.
  • Try converting to 3g2 format and see if that helps.
  • I have several full length movies on my phone, all mp4. A couple didn't work on the first try, and one was jittery. I just had to convert them again with slightly different dimensions.
  • http://forums.crackberry.com/f66/my-first-movies-post-194778/
  • Pyro
    i never thanked you for whichever other thread you posted this on but i've thoroughly enjoyed many of those videos on my phone. i am dissapointed though, at first i was able to download several movies at a time and didn't have to wait the 45 seconds and now i do. oh well it was nice while it lasted.
  • I got frustrated early on about the 3g2 format, but for the most part if I can get it to an mp4 file and just rename the extension to 3g2, it works.
  • @crabsalt.
    thanks a ton, that last comment saved me. i've been pulling my hair out over my video detection impotence...
    changing mp4 to 3g2 hit the spot.

    annnnd boom goes the dynamite.
  • i use avs vidoe converter 6.3 and convert my movies to 3GP. They looked good and are fluid. Go to avs4you.com, it really works if you use the 3GPP mobil highest available quality setting.
  • 3g2 or 3gp works great
  • im trying the Videora LG enV Touch Converter now i just got mine
  • mine says there isnt enough room
  • I use AVS Video Converter 6 and use the Apple (H.264 640X480) setting. Then I just change the extension in the Output line to .mp4 from .m4v. It saves it as an mp4 which I then use Bitpim 1.0.7 (mmc1 in the Filesystem) to put into the my_flix folder. After that I just right click in Bitpim and reboot the phone. After rebooting the video in there and looks great I might add.
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