What Accessories Do You Have With Your Touch?

I have:

Body Glove Case - http://www.alternativewireless.com/lgic/images/lg-env-touch-case-bodyglove.jpg

8GB MicroSD Card - http://di1.shopping.com/images1/pi/c7/7c/dd/69610485-300x300-0-0_SanDisk+SanDisk+8GB+MicroSD+Card+SDSDQ+8192MB.jpg

Screen Protector - http://www.daydeal.com/files/i12/vx11000_screen_protector.jpg

What about you?


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    Jabra BT530 - supports A2DP for streaming music

  • Anyone else? Just curious....Give feedback on your accessories 2!
  • clear case, screen protector, 8gb micro sd, ext battery, motorola oem car charger (i know...its a motorola, not really oem to lg)
  • My body glove case is coming tomorrow in the mail -
    And I have a 4Gb high capacity Micro SD card -
  • No pics but as follows:

    4GB Sandisk Micro SD
    Invisible Shield (Front screen only the rest is a waste)
    Cellet Holster
    Clear Case
    QX3 Bluetooth
    RF Car Charger
  • Just got the Touch and am looking at accessories too. I'm considering the Body Glove, but wondering how much bulk it will add? Also, I have a car charger from my previous moto w775 - sounds like this works ok (?) Last, do screen protectors reduce the sensitivity noticeably?
  • My most used accessory for the Touch is a second (or even 3rd) battery and the universal charger I use to charge them on their own, outside of the phone.
  • I have a sparkly purple girly cover, a 2g sd and screen cover. I have an ipod so I usually don't use this for music but sometimes do as a backup.
  • First I got the screen protectors from ebay - $3 for three sets, delivered. Then I got the $4 holster from ebay, delivered. I don't care if it's not fashionable - I don't like carrying a phone in my pocket, and with it on my belt - I always have my phone. About one time out of three when I call my co-worker, his phone rings with it sitting on his desk, while he's out&about somewhere. (We're in IT, so we call each other sometimes.) The $4 holster is minimalist - it just holds the phone and the phone is easy to snap in & out of, but it holds it with the screen OUT, just like my original Env - which I scratched the screen on. I'm hoping the screen protector will prevent that. The picture I saw of the official Verizon holster shows it being held with the screen IN, which is how it should be! I might have to break down and pay the $20 + shipping for the Verizon version. I got a car power adapter and spare data cable off ebay for about $8 delivered - one should never be in a car and have their cellphone battery die - when they have access to an enormous car battery. As long as THAT's the part that breaks down, it's nice knowing you can call for help with vehicle issues/accidents/etc.
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