micro sd card... help.

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ok so i had a lg rhythm, have a 8gb micro sd card. loaded with pics & music. i want to use it in my enV. when i insert my micro sd card, only 1 song comes up. i searched menus and it has format, but i am unfor shure about this. if i format wont i wipe it clear ?
also it wants a pass code...what is this about ?
any help/info is appreciated.


  • Every phone I have used has a different format for it's SD card. I would backup everything from your current card first, then format the card in the Touch. then move your files to the appropriate folders on the newly formatted card.
  • hey buffalo quinn, did all that, backed up. go to format. whants a code.
    tried all 0000's. nada.
    tried a few diffrent combos...still nothin.
    maybe verizion can help me ?
  • The phone lock code is the last four digits of your phone number unless you changed it.
  • awesome...you just made my night....lol
    thanks BQ
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