with this hack, assuming that you pay for unlimited internet with your plan, you will be able to use your phone pretty much like a modem for your computer...i made this video to show you how to do it, sorry if its a little blurry, but i not only say what you need but i am putting instructions below the vid. so enjoy and happy hacking! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS....JUST ASK


Step 1:
Open your enV touch and dial ##program11000 (##776472611000) and hit send.

Step 2:
When prompted for a service code just type six zeros. (000000)

Step 3:
Once in the menu, choose 4, then 1, then 8, then 4. This should be the MIP DUN NAI menu.

Step 4:
You will see 5555555555@dun.vzw3g.com (5555555555 being your phone number). Simply delete the dun. so that all you are left with is 5555555555@vzw3g.com Save this and return to the home screen.

Step 5:
Connect your phone to your computer via USB. Allow the computer to install all necessary drivers. Once ready to use, go to Start/Network/Network and Sharing Center. Once there, click "set up a connection or network".

Step 6:
Click "set up a dial-up connection". If it gives you the option of choosing which port, hit LGE USB. When prompted for the ISP info enter this:

Dial-up number: #777
User name: 5555555555@vzw3g.com
Password: vzw
Choose remember this password and rename your connection if you wish.
Click connect.

Step 7:
Allow it to verify information and all other processes until it shows that you are connected to the internet. Save the connection if you wish.


  • Brilliant, thanks rosserm! Adding this to the tutorial list...
  • Very cool nice job rosserm! to bad i dont have unlimited internet ha thanks for the post tho!!!
  • very nice... were did you get the white case for the phone?
  • Can't Verizon monitor your data usage and see that you are using WAY more than the phone itself should be able to handle?
  • Has anyone figured out how to get free internet by changing the ip adress in the program menu?
  • Very nice, this won't count against your minutes will it? I have it working well right now. It'll come in handy for use with my netbook when I travel.
  • thnx for the compliments and stuff, but to answer the questions in order:

    bmxbang; the case is just a basic white silicone case from the verizon store, i got mine for 14.99 its on the website, ill try to link it in a bit....

    Draconas; yes they can, but honestly, its about the same when you use your phone and when you use your computer...REASONS: the enV series and the voyager(which i previously owned) have real actual internet applications, so the data send and received is just about the same....i have used this since the voyager came out, so quite some time now, and no problems!!!

    jlev41; not that i know of, if i can get my hands on a demo phone, i will try, but i dont think you could due to the fact that you have to aquire the IP address and the enV touch doesnt have wireless like the iPhone......but I will get workin on it

    berzerkus; what it counts for is the data sent and recieved, like i said though, i advise against using this if you dont have unlimited data on your plan....

    FOR THOSE WHO HAVE TRIED THIS, LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES AT ALL!!! (i simply applied this hack i used for my voyager and just put 11000 in the mix instead of 10000) so i wanna know any little prob
  • Thanks for the reply, I was just concerned with setting it as a 'dialup' because in my mind that suggests i'll be using minutes. I'm very happy that I am wrong. No problems with it, it actually tests fairly fast. Equivalent of about 768k dsl where I'm currently at. Thanks very much for sharing this.
  • ya, no worries about using up minutes...you have to set it us as a dial up due to the fact that you must dial #777 to connect to your phone from your computer
  • Just thought I'd add that I also have this same process working via bluetooth. It was actually simple. I just paired the devices, and it works just as it does via wire. Cheers!
  • thats the other way, just gonna do it as a mac tutorial, but ive noticed that at times it slows down a little, but again, that could be due to my iffy signal here
  • I am new to this. I just receved my phone two weeks ago. Will this void my warranty. I just paid $100 for the phone. If any thing goes wrong I don't want to loose my warranty
  • in all verizon fine print, yes, this most likely will void your warranty, but thats only if they look into it....best way to avoid this worry is to simply replace the "dun." back into the MIP DUN NAI menu......but i have gone through a few voyagers that i hacked like this and had to take them back to verizon, and they never check......i wouldnt worry about voiding your warranty though

    happy hacking
  • I know people have changed the ip adress in the program menu to random ip adress such as their own but i have no idea how to clear what is already entered in there
  • ill look at it on a demo tomorrow and see what i can figure out
  • I got this to work when the phone was connected via bluetooth, but can't seem to make it work with the data cable. The computer shows the modem is connected in the device manager and in network connections, but when I tell it to dial nothing happens. Any ideas?

    I'm using the cord that came with the phone, the one that attaches to the charger. That does work as a data cable, correct? I can't get bitpim to load the phone with this cable either.
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    Got this working perfectly! Slightly different menu options and dialogs in Windows XP than Vista, but trivial to figure out. Had to find a good link to a recent version of the LG CDMA modem driver and download it and install it myself though - Windows wasn't finding it. Googled LG CDMA DRIVER to find that, but once installed, it recognized the Touch as a modem device immediately.

    Note: be sure you disable any other network connections, like LAN, DSL, Cable Modem, etc. I had a problem with them interfering with the connection through the Touch.

    Another note - be sure under Main Menu / Settings & Tools / Settings / USB AUTO DETECTION, you check menu item "Modem Mode" before plugging in the USB cable.

    With about 2 bars, the speed is around 650 kbps down / 120 kbps up. With 3-4 bars, I'm getting 1.5 meg down and 450 K up. I live in a small town in the heartland many miles from any city of even 50,000 people, so I'm really impressed. It's faster than our low-tier landline DSL! I'm very happy with this phone and this tutorial!
  • Works like a charm, thanks alot. Now I can disconnect my DSL and save some more money.
  • When you say "assuming that you pay for unlimited internet with your plan" Are you referring to the $15 a month Vcast Vpack? or something else? Please clarify this, thanks :)
  • Just go to Verizon's website, I have a family connect plan that has unlimited data, and that is what you need, "Unlimited Data". But you're right, if you're plan doesn't include "unlimited data", you can get the vcast vpac which does include unlimited data.
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    I was told by a coworker (who sells verizon phones) that the 'unlimited data' is actually 5gb/month. So it's not recommended to use this as your primary ISP unless you don't stream video/music or download a lot. He was unsure how strictly they enforced this though. Still 5gb/month is a lot of usage.
  • So basically you've gotta get a PDA Plan or add data for $45 a month? The Vpack won't work I'm assuming.. You might as well just get an aircard for $60 a month if your gonna do that.. and Verizon is pretty harsh with the 5gb a month thing. If your using it for practically anything other than surfing the web its against there TOS. My buddy was using his for gaming (world of warcraft, battlefield 2, CS: Source) and they turned off his service because gaming with the aircard is apparently against the TOS.
  • Actually, like I already said, the plan I'm on is the Family connect plan which includes "unlimited" Data, it's meant to only be used on my phone but nowhere does it say that, there is any limit whatsoever.

    Now, under "Mobile Broadband Plans" there are 3 different plans, there is one for up to 5gb and that is 59.99, there is one for up to 250 MB and that one is 39.99, and the last one is a day pass, and that one is 15.00 per 24 hr session.

    So to make this clear, if you have unlimited data on your plan for your phone, then you can do the "dun. Hack" and have unlimited data on whatever computer you hook up to. I'm sure sooner or later Verizon will catch on to this, but for now, everyone ENJOY!
  • This may sound really dumb, but how can I download the LG CDMA driver on my laptop (it tells me that I need the disk in order to install) if I don't have any other internet connection on that laptop? I currently am using my Verizon HP netbook for my internet (love it) but would like to be able to access the internet on our other laptop. Thought the phone idea would be great. Any ideas?
  • Well you have to download the driver but if the computer you are wanting to use this on doesn't already have an internet connection then you need to use a computer that does have the internet to download the driver and put it on a flash drive, sd card or if you have to put it on a cd. Then you can load it on the computer that doesn't have an internet connection.
  • I'm having problems even downloading the driver. I select the LG env Touch model but when I go to download it, it doesn't do anything.
  • I am having trouble using the USB cable and getting the dialup connection to work. It did work. I followed the instructions and it worked great. Then I got home from work today and had to try and get all fancy and try the bluetooth connection for the modem. That worked great too. Then for some reason I got knocked off the connection (was trying to do a speed test at the time).

    When I went to try the USB modem connection again it dials and nothing happens. I made sure that the dialer was using the usb modem and not the bluetooth modem. I uninstalled the bluetooth link. I have the proper drivers. I restored then reporgrammed my phone. I returned my laptop to an earlier restore point. I have disabled ny ethernet and wireless network cards. What Next?

    I am using Vista 64. Please Help. Thanks.
  • ok everyone, sorry for the disappearance from the site, to answer the mass of the questions in short, here




  • To update my previous post. It looks like the USB CDMA Modem is not opening a port before dialing. When the Bluetooth modem is used a port is opened and then the #777 is dialed. Help Please. Thanks.
  • one issue is that you need to plug the usb cable into the same slot every time, each usb port is different....if you are doing this, then im not sure, let me do some research and ill get you whatever i find
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