• anyone know why im getting this error?
  • im using it right now. its working great. i just was wondering if there is anyway to check to make sure im not getting charged for this.. thanks

    @hozg1121 im currently using XP as well. What kind of connection do you have it setup as? Im using it as if it's dial up connection. Hope this helps
  • @vpitcher07 I set it up as dial up connection but i have version 3 of the phone;s firmware could this be the problem? I went to verizon and tried to get it updated and the lady said it stopped half way through the update which i told her was because i got a text while it was updating and she said i put it in usb mode and i was like yea but you didnt put it in airplane mode you dumb bitch lol so i'll probably try to update it myself
  • I'm having the same exact problem as www_env. Anyone have any idea there?
  • i have no clue hozg i believe i was able connect using one of the first versions i can't remember though. are you sure your computer is trying to use your phone as the modem and not your built in dial up modem (if you have one, usually on a laptop). it should be called MODEM - LGE CDMA USB Modem (COM5)
  • ok. sooo.. this isnt working.. i need help plleeassee...

    ok i followed all the steps to remove the "dun." from the part on my phone..
    im using the regular cord that i use to charge my phone

    now for computer.
    i have windows 7.
    when i goto set up connection. it cant find the phone. is there anything i need to have set up in my phone (ex. i have it set to modem mode)... what should my phone look like while im trying to connect??
    now.. on top of not finding my phone.. i choose set up connection anyway... after entering all information need #77.. etc.. etc.. then hit connect or what ever.. it tells me that im connected.. but in my "internet list" im not... (by internet list i mean same place i choose wifi connections.. is where this connection shows up but with a big red X next to it..... any help lemme know... im willing to have someone verbally talk me threw this sh*t... lol i neeedddd internet =) kthnx.
  • Awesome! Just set my wife's phone up with this. Using Windows Vista with enV Touch software 7. Posting this comment using it. Thanks OP!
  • i noticed there hasnt been a post on this in a while, so i was wondering if this hack still works without verizon being able to tell the difference. thank you.
  • i am still waiting to know if anyone knows if this still works without vzw knowing its a computter using the data. i have the hack working but dont want to use it if vzw will be able to tell.
  • It still seems to work, I have not been charged yet.
  • I've been using this method for nearly 18 months...as my 100% internet needs

    Stream videos, and Plays Xbox live with only the occasional connectivity Problems!

    As for getting in trouble with verizon They've noticed it before and seemed too look the other way.."WOW you guys use a LOT of Data huh?...If you know what i mean"

    I've found many tweaks for getting better connection...If it switches to 1x only which mine frequently does just switch it to ev only
    But, EV only makes it harder to redial so when you get it up start a youtube...I usually Use the documentary HOME(1hr 40min.)

    If anyone has any questions just Email me @ kanepharr@live.com. I've ran into a lot of problems before.
  • got an issue......started last night with my wife's phone (v03). Connected to my laptop and get an error saying "modem is not available during data transfer". I check to see if the usb was set to modem or music, so made sure it was modem mode. Gave it a few and it worked after a couple of tried.

    Now my phone is doing the same thing (v10). Checked the modem as well with nothing changed. Have never had any issues with this at all, until last night. I even made a new connection for my phone and it still gives me the same error. Checked the wife's phone and it worked.

    Any ideas or help would be great.
  • edited October 2010
    Just an FYI for everyone. The new e-mail app that verizon put out causes issues with this Hack. It causes a constant data stream so it will not dial out in Modem mode.

    update......even after pausing the e-mail app it still is intermittent on when it receives data. Sometimes it works perfectly, other times it still has issue connecting due to data transfer. (not a problem as long as you check to make sure the two arrows are not there when you connect using the DUN hack. If they are then you are not going to connect.)
  • I have a few questions:

    First off, what can happen if you did somehow get caught using this hack? I heard it is againts the TOS, but would they just terminate your account, fine you, or is it possible you could be arrested?

    Also, what do you think is the absolute maximum I should be using with this? I am sure if vzw saw that i was using 100GB on my phone, theyd be like wtf, and investigate, cuz that is far too exessive.

    My idea to help to avoid being caught is to slowly increase my data month by month. Like this month i used 175mb, and i will increase it so next month I will use maybe 250 or something. What do you think is an appropriate increase without attracting too much attention?

    Thanks to anyone who helps, and if you would rather email me than just post: noingwhat@yahoo.com
  • Xemu; I just type ping google.com into the command line in Linux and that keeps the connection active without using much data. Not sure how to go about doing this on other platforms tho.

    ClosetGuy; You shouldn't have any trouble as long as your usage is under 5gb. A lot of people use far more and seem to get away with it. As far as increasing slowly, I wouldn't worry bout that either. I jumped strait to several gb per month. Once wen talking with a tech he was like man you sure use a lot of data for an envtouch. I said hey i thot I had the unlimited data plan. He says, yeah,yeah, You can use it every second of everyday if you want. If you need an explanation just tell em you use youtube a lot. That hogs a terrific amount of data after while.
  • So "unlimited" is actually 5gb? Or that's just the threshhold that Verizon would start further investigation of exactly what kind of data is being used? I used it a lot a couple of months ago, streaming episodes of Lost from Netflix, but I still never went over 2gb in a month. I only use it occasionally with my laptop when I'm not at home.
  • Sorry miketr I just checked my email and noticed you replied. I dont think i can view vcast videos, I dont think I ever could, i just checked and it says "the system was unable to process your order. I have the $10 25mb plan I guess, I coulda swore I had the unlimeted plan. I guess thats the problem ehh, I was able to use this hack for months, I guess i musta changed it. oh yeah i am primary holder. thanks for replying!
  • Any way to speed mine up? i changed all the modem settings but it still only gives me a speed of 184 kbps
  • I did this followed everything in the video exactly! And it does not work I have a 25MB data plan for internet is that why?...
    I really need this for my laptop I'm in college and I bring my laptop with me everywhere I go so it would be nice to use my phone as a modem.. Thank you someone reply!
  • @Impossible.IsNothing, have you checked to ensure your USB setting is set to Modem mode? Go to Settings, then USB Auto Detection, and select Modem Mode. This will ensure the computer uses the device as a modem when connected.
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