• Can anyone confirm what jmarro has said?
  • Never seen that, Hum...
  • Mine connected fine, just tried it. Did you delete the "dun" in the console?
  • I did just as the shown in the beginning of this thread. I deleted the dun. so I was left with this: 5555555555@vzw3g.com
    The process went just fine and I thought, cool, this is going to work, and then that URL showed up and I could not go to any other URL.
    I tried deleting and starting over, but the same occurred. Sure would like to know why....
  • Not sure what the "console" is...I have a dell laptop running XP Pro SP2....
  • What is the difference between unlimited mobile email/web browsing and the Vcast Pack in the Connect plan versus the Premium plan?

  • jmarro: are you using bluetooth or usb? The console I was referring to was when you dial ##program11000 . I would check that again and make sure that the dun is out of the address.

    Stryton: you need the vcast vpack, otherwise you pay per MB you download.
  • i have unlimited internet... will it cost me extra to do this hack?
  • blahdc: This is weird because on their website if I choose the connect plan and click on V Cast VPak it says "This feature is not available for Connect plans". I would assume it is not available because when you click on the description for the VCast VPak "unlimited mobile web" is included with it and you are already paying for this in the Connect plan and getting unlimited mobile email/web browsing. The only difference I see is if I downloaded something, but If I don't download and just surf the internet I think I would be fine. Thoughts?
    I was able to find out exactly why they terminated my account. 11GB was transferred to my 2GB phone in 3 days. I could not believed that I'd ever used that much. The plan IS unlimited and not 5GB contrary to like others here have said, but verizon said that they look into higher GB's of transfer. so not it's technically not unlimited nor 5GB. I was able to get off the hook and didn't have to pay the fine, I kept my account. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS!
  • Blahdc- I am using USB and have selected "USB auto detection" as "modem mode". I dunno- I just got this phone about three days ago. Might be the latest firmware??
  • Stryton: I would suggest calling into verizon and ask them if you have unlimited download usage. If you do then I wouldn't worry about it. It is strange that you don't have a vcast vpack though. I would ask a rep about it, I don't want to tell you something wrong and rack up your bill.

    Jmarro: I got my phone in the mail 5 days ago, I wouldn't think it would be a firmware problem. Maybe try a different computer? It sounds like it is a phone problem though....
  • What do you mean by 2GB phone? How did you get out of it?
  • GigaDL: I'm not entirely sure digger knows what he is talking about. Verizon told him he had downloaded 11gb. He was probaly streaming media/movies/songs. I imagine he has a 2gb microsd card in his phone, which is irrelevant. Any data you get off the internet to your phone is considered downloading.

    You get out of it by not being retarded. You can't be downloading torrent's and streaming from youtube for hours on end or you will get caught.
  • Verizon monitors heavy data usage. The phone is usually only capable of going through about 2 gigs of data by itself. When you tether, you consume a lot more data because your computer is essentially sucking it through your phone. If Verizon sees heavier data usage than what the phone can normally consume, they will look into the reason to make sure hacks like this aren't being used to shortcut around a fee. Verizon has a tethering plan that gives you unlimited tethering.
  • Yeah to go through 11gb he had to be downloading a lot of stuff, or a bunch of Microsoft updates to his computer ;) lol Seriously though I think I will be fine since I will be using it to check my email and go to a few other websites at work on my breaks.
  • I have recently obtained an enV touch and attempted this hack. However, I am having an issue!

    The computer detects the phone just fine via USB. I have also edited my phone program menu settings no problem. However, when I attempt to dial the actual connection through winXP, the phone screen pops up saying

    "Dial-up modem is not available during data call" --- How do I fix this!?!?!?

    I have set the phone to modem mode and also to "ask" when I plug it in (if i set it to ask it asks for music or data mode, but neither choice fixes the problem).
  • The V Cast VPak is not included in the Connect plan nor is it an option to select. However, I can confirm that this works with the Connect plan and V Cast VPak is not needed because the Conect plan has unlimited internet/web browsing. If you have a Basic or Select plan you will need to add the V Cast VPak. The Premium plan automatically includes the V Cast VPak.
  • Wow! That was so easy.
    I'm using my Touch to make this post.
    It drops and re-dials a lot but it's useable.
    In a pinch this will help out a lot.
  • Ok, this is a bit OT but hope to get some help. I have a new Touch and I am trying to change the proxy address in the programming menu. (I dumped VZW and went with PagePlus, and have data but can't access it unless I change the proxy address) When I get there, there's no cursor. I can arrow in the field and type in the new info, but if I hit CLR to delete whats in there just backs me out of that menu. Any changes I make and hit save, don't actually save. Any help??
  • Error 691: Access was denied because the username and/or password was invalid on the domain. I am on win xp sp2 and have checked everything mutiple times and cannot figure out whats wrong. Maybe it just doesnt want me to do it. Anyone else have this error?
  • nvm i am a retard...ugh
  • What did you do?
  • thanks for this it works great. Does anyone one know the legality of this though... i mean what are the chances of getting caught? Is it legit?
  • Worked like a charm w/ my XP and the touch! Thanks for the tips.
  • well here goes .. i have win xp and i cnt figure out how to go through the steps.. can some one HELP ME... I realy need it step by step if theres a way... thanx
  • Works great! Thanks!
  • very cool.

    I was paying $60/mo for a verizon EVDO modem, *plus* $40/mo for a verizon cell phone- now I've upgraded to an Env Touch cellphone, plus Vcast Vpak ($40 cell plan + $15/mo vpak), and I have the same thing- I'm saving $45/mo... thankyou!

  • When doing this does it mess up anything on your phone like making calls or sending texts? Also, if you do this hack is the only thing you need to do when you power up your laptop is connect your phone to it and it should work?
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