• When you are doing this you are technically using your phone for a "call". So when you get a text or a call it will disconnect, but it will snap right back on when you finish the txt or call. And when you are using this, you need to realize that it is a hack, which can be caught. If you are downloading from limewire or bittorrent, then ya, thats a crapload of data, even for the BBStorm. I have downloaded a few songs, but never more than one or two at a connection. This will show up to verizon that you are on your phones mobile browser, and they know how much data is normal for their own browser. When they see a crapload that will def. fly a red flag. I just went on a one week road trip and used it the whole time, but for basic internet stuff; email, yahoo, facebook...not online games or downloads. If you aren't going to be smart and logical and realize what you have to do to keep this hack working, dont use it. Its like the stupid sounding, one person can ruin it for alot of people. Dont be the idiot that decides that this can be the primary internet connection of the home. I can be used alot, but not as a primary.....sure if you have one laptop and get of for small amounts of the day, like 2 hours or so, then ya, have fun....but just dont ruin it by calling verizon asking how this works.....someone did earlier in this thread i think....if you have a question email me.... rosserm@gmail.com and i will do the best to answer everything, i dont get on here much, but you can get ahold of me there...... just make the subject DUN HACK

    so remember, if you have a question about this hack that you want me to answer email me at



  • Opera browser on Turbo (compressed data) mode gets the transfer rate much closer to the phone's browser. Not just better for hiding it from VZW, also much faster browsing performance on 3G connection. Opera is also useful for testing WAP sites that Firefox can't render.
  • Hey everyone! My ex got me this phone about a month ago and told me to check out this website. It's pretty cool. I wanted to try doing this on my laptop but I have windows XP. Do you know if this will work on XP? Thanks, Nadja :-*
  • Anyone have any luck doing this on Windows 7 with the usb cable? When I install the lg usb modem driver, it seems to install ok, but doesn't recognize my phone as a modem. I'm wondering if the drivers just aren't compatible or don't work on Windows 7. I'm going to move shortly, so it would be nice to use this as a temporary connection until my internet gets hooked back up.
  • I'm doing it on Win7, USB and Bluetooth.
  • Working fine on Windows 7 for me
  • The cool thing is that I can be connected to both my home wireless and my phone!
  • Still cannot get this to work with my laptop, but....it works great via Bluetooth on my iPaq. Windows Mobile 5.0 does a decent job of playing some streaming media, especially those that are Windows Media based. Now I can listen to a few radio shows while in the car since connection speed is great. However, I know I need to be cautious of the Mb data transfer rates, so I have limited the time spent connected. Great solution for checking MSN mail and getting downloads of files.
  • The new V04 firmware is blocking this I'm pretty sure... Anyone know of a way to downgrade?
  • I have vo4 and wrks 4 me ....Dnt know Y it dnt wrk 4 U.... But jus got a new touch so im gona try dis 1 to...
  • are you sure? I have a v03 phone thats mine and it works where my dads v04 will not....
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    Ok so I'm having some trouble here . I've downloaded LGUSBModemDriver_eng_WHQL_Ver_4.9.4_All.exe from verizon .. then I install it and everything seems to go fine. Then I put the phone on modem mode and plug it in and windows begins to load the drivers and such .. everything loads correctly (Usb Device driver, USB Serial Port driver), but USB Modem driver fails to install ... i've uploaded a screenshot to show exactly what happens ..


    can someone help please ?

    btw im using windows 7 version 6.1 (build 7100)

    edited: and i still have version3 software on the phone
  • ok so update ... windows loads all drivers correctly under safe mode but when i restart in normal mode and check the usb modem properties under device manager it just freezes ... also freezes when i set up the new dial up connection and the computer dials #777 ...... i've turned off device driver signature required ... turned off the crypto services ... tried to install driver under the various compability modes ... my windows just doesn't want to load the lge cdma usb driver ... getting fustrated ... anyone have suggestions ?
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    I had that problem some, but I've been changing between Windows 7 betas and RC and rtm so much that it just ends up working eventually. Only a few times has it not worked though. The only thing that I can think of would be to delete the driver and reinstall it.
    BTW, is that a custom rainmeter skin, or did you find it somewhere?
  • where do I go to delete the drivers guys?
  • I believe that this driver is shown as a program in the uninstall menu on control panel, at least on mine it is. I would try uninstalling the LG USB Modem program and see if that works. If not, you have to mess around in the hardware settings.
  • I had to get a new phone today. They offered me what they call a teather service to get the internet on my laptop using the phone. When I got home I tried the DUN hack. the number to dial for the service menu will not go thought . Is there any way around this.
  • I figured it out was dialing the wrong number.
  • This actually Works I am on the connect Plan and its been using my unlimited Minutes. I just don't hope when i start using all this data that they figure sometime is going on. because i see that I been using like 500 MB in like 3 days. so I know in like one month I will be like 150000 MB We just got to have and see. But thanks for this hack Works great.
  • Using this, works great. Speedtest puts the download speed at about 1 mbps, upload about .5 mbps.
  • hmm im not sure but it wont dial the #777 it just sits there forever, when i unplug the phone computer says internet test connection failed, i can do everything up untill the network conection wants to dial #777. bit pim will recognize my phone, i have my phone in modem mode, plugged into same usb slot that i use for bitpim. any advice?
  • @Touch_This
    This service has recently been killed on my phone. I called to complain, simply because this uses the same mechanism that Verizon would allow for dial-up access using minutes. I was told that the "Quick Connect" service is no longer supported and I will have to pay for VZAccess. I am definitely going to poke around on the phones file system to see what they have changed. I'm convinced the modification was made to the handset because it will no longer respond to any connect string through the com port that is setup via the modem.
  • I just updated to V05 and it now works again! I'm making a backup of my phone using bitpim and will do a diff if they shut it down. If anyone cannot do this using V05 send your backup to nick _at_ networknerd _dot_ org and I will compare and post results.
  • Ok update .. I now have the official Windows 7 Ultimate installed .. also new phone (lost mine on the beach somewhere) with v04 software installed. So have no clue if it was the windows (beta version) or v03 software version on the phone. But now working. Yeah ! Time for a new little netbook.
  • i will try and update to v05 and see what happens thanks, let ya know if i can get through to fully connected.
  • ca someone tell me why we shouldnt use the bluetooth method on a windows machine
  • I don't know if this happened to anyone else but when I used the bluetooth method I coould no longer get the USB connection to work.
  • My phone will not connect when its in modem mode. What do i do?
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    OK so when I connect wthrough my phone, the only web page that will open is this https://dunsp.vzw.com/selfProvisioning/SelfProvisioningServlet however, it is a different page that opens when you are connected through the cell phone then when you are connected through a normal SP (such as fios or comcast) It is the exact same address put a different page loads. If you were to go to this link using anormal connection you will see a page that has phone numbers to call at the top of the page and a kind of advertisement to get a data plan. But when connected through my cell phone as a dial up modem, it opens up with this text and some pictures that will not copy and paste into this comment box. Anyway, here is the text:

    With Mobile Broadband Connect, you can use your Verizon Wireless handset, smartphone or BlackBerry as a modem for your notebook when you connect the two using a USB cable, enabling you to access the Internet or your company intranet.

    The tethered modem capability is ideal when you're traveling and need to use your notebook to check email, access corporate networks, or download large files like presentations and reports. And with Mobile Broadband Connect, you won't have to buy an extra PC Card or other devices.

    ** Mobile Broadband Connect free offer: Only valid with $15, $30 and $49.99 feature. One time monthly access credit only. Cancel by calling *611 or 1-800-922-0204 within 1st month to avoid future $15, $30 or $49.99 monthly fee; credit may not be on first bill, you can cancel anytime. Standard Monthly Access fees added to your Verizon Wireless Calling Plan thereafter. Offer good through 12/31/09.

    Mobile Broadband Connect Features
    (NationalAccess service included)

    With a Mobile Broadband Connect-capable handset

    Monthly Access Fee

    With any qualifying voice plan

    Monthly Allowance
    5 GB (5,120 MB)

    Per MB Rate After Allowance

    Note: If your account has active discounting you must call customer service to subscribe.

    I have read and accept the terms and conditions below.

    Or you can subscribe to Mobile Broadband Connect by calling the following numbers:
    Consumer: 800-256-4646
    Business 800-899-4249

    Where it says "I have read and accept the terms and conditions below." there is a check box to select. Is this normal? Or is this something new that verizon has come up to charge you more money because they have cought on to these hacks? And YES I do have the unlimited data plan or Vcast Vpak for $15 a month.

    Understand: if you follow the link I posted it will not say the same thing (the above) that I have copied and pasted, well you will see some of it, but you will not see the part about "I have read and accept the terms and conditions below", You will see a $15 $30 and $49.99 plan. Has anyone else come across this yet?
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