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    I believe that that happens if you haven't yet removed the .dun as it is trying to go through the normal methods instead of using just your data plan.
  • Peteywell is right. That is what you connect to if you haven't done the hack correctly. I got it once when I hadn't removed the "dun"
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    Yes, you are correct, I checked it again, and for some reason it did not save. I did it again, and I am now currently connected through my phone while posting this! Thank you very much!
  • has anyone been able to get the DUN hack to work on Apple's Snow Leopard? I haven't been able to figure it out. Thanks!
  • i didnt see it posted - but to clarify does this use your airtime mins at all? and if so i imagine it would count as mobile to mobile but just wondering... btw thanks to everyone on the forums who came up with all the great info.. the dun and vznav hacks made me decide to stay with verizon and get the touch..
  • I completed the DUN hack.Shows that I am connected but no data is being sent or received.I can't get a web page.I'm running XP SP2.Any ideas?
  • Works great for me, both wired and bluetooth to my Leveno T61 Thinkpad running windoze Xpsp3. No more trying to check my emails from my phone
    while I commute on the train now I get to use a fullsize screen ;) Thanks for posting this...
  • This was the most amazing trick ever. Thank you to all who posted and contributed. I'm connect at 115kbps but I'm really nervous that I'm going to get busted because the first night that I tried it I used approximately 1gb of usage :n!
    Has anybody got in trouble for using too much "unlimited mobile internet access"?
  • Is there a limit to the "unlimited mobile access?" (I know with the landline Verizon Freedom package unlimited long distance isn't really unlimited. I believe something like 400-500 hrs of long distance service meant you get a friendly reminder to keep your service consistent with residential usage.
  • I've got this data connection going great. It works wonders on my PC via the cord. Lately I've been using the phone's data through blutooth on my old PDA (palm tx) so I can access google maps (which is the best work around to get it that I'm aware of). However, I am having a problem with the connection timing out. I'm not sure where its timing out the phone says -dormant- and the PDA just says something about the dns crapping out, any suggestions?
  • So I was just In the Verizon store today and the guy working was trying to tell me that they have a new way of detecting this usage, and they will just start charging your bill if you do this. Anyone else hear of this or is he just talking crap?
  • if you are using the vz manager to access the web and its in broadband mode but you did the hack for removing the dun...are you being charge for the broadband cus i went onto my account and it had at the bottom of my usage......
    Domestic Data Used
    33.609 Megabytes Used
    Monthly Allowance: Unlimited
    Usage Type My Usage Allowance
    Megabytes 33.609MB Unlimited
    View Data Details

    View Data Usage in Megabytes
    Data UsageClose
    Data Usage

    For your reference, your data usage is also shown in
    In Kilobytes
    34,416 KB

    In Megabytes*
    34 MB

    * Rounded up

    Mobile Broadband Connect
    Data Used
    Usage Type My Usage
    Kilobytes 0.00KB
  • so i am wondering if i continue to use it that way am i being charged?
  • Here's the important part of what you posted:

    Mobile Broadband Connect
    Data Used
    Usage Type My Usage
    Kilobytes 0.00KB "

    Mobile Broadband Connect is what the DUN hack takes care of. It doesn't show that you've used any data, so you should be fine. The Domestic Data Used is what Mobile Web, Mobile Email, and any other Get It Now applications uses.
  • so i am goodi can continue to use the internet with my phone and would not be charge because i just did it today....and i dont know if i would be calculated once i used it or later on be enter into my account.
  • Just don't go overboard with it. If they start seeing a crazy amount of data being used, they're going to track down the source. I do around 300MB a month of data for legitimate activities. If I suddenly started doing 300MB a day because I was using this hack as my primary desktop Internet connection, I would expect to get caught. When I have used it, it has been in short sessions, mostly for just light web browsing. So far, I've been in the clear.
  • so how long should you use it on a daily basis 20 min or less give me a estimate plz.
  • How could this work for iTouchs? I imagine it would be the same as the Mac hack via blue tooth, but I plan on getting an iTouch 2gen soon an would like to have Internet when I'm away from the house.
  • I'm using Windows7. When I connected the phone the computer said it couldn't find the drivers. I thought maybe it was because I wasn't connected to the internet, so I disconnected, started the internet, and reconnected the phone. It didn't appear to download any drivers.

    I continued anyway thinking maybe it had done it. I set up the modem and clicked connect. It says it can't find a dialtone.

    Any ideas? Does this error mean the drivers didn't download? How do I make it try again? I tried rebooting the computer and connecting the phone again, but it still doesn't look for drivers.

  • nvm.

    I managed to make it download the drivers through the control panel.

    Works perfectly!
  • In the immortal words of Monty Python..." That was easy" . Thanks a bunch. U rock.
  • ok....so i was stupid...using this as my primary internet source...cause its all i got....and i just checked my usage....962mb....i feel like an ass. didnt realize i was using that much watching you tube and music vids....guess its a good thing my dial up just sits there now and wont connect. Sorry guys...didnt realize how quick it would go up. hope i didnt cause anyone but me any grief.
  • should i go in an undo the DUN hack just in case....since i screwed up and used too many MBs?
  • Wondering two things...Will this work connected to a game console? also i've seen various posts go from it using unlimited data & posts that state it using minutes. So which of the two is it using? I currently have unlimited data & would use this hack to download music(not pc gaming)...Would I be fine?
  • wow this is great easy and i got it working as soon as i found it,im a little scared to get caught thou' how long should i stay on a day?? and its probably a bad idea to use it to download music right?
  • I finally got the DUN. hack to work on my Netbook. But what I need to know is how do I know how much surfing the net is too much? If I'm just checking email or going to forums, how many hours is ok to stay connected. I'm mainly going to connect at work when I am on nights. Sometimes I have a lot of down time.
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    I have version 7 phone and I cannot call the PROGRAM number, Verizon voice states "cannot complete call" anyone come across this problem ?

    I can access the **LGSERVICEMENU but not the ##program11000 (##776472611000)
  • this is the service menu.
  • maybe I was not clear, when I dial the ##program11000 (##776472611000) all I get Verizon cannot complete this call, almost like its being blocked or something.
  • The number is still working to access the menu. You usually get that message if you've entered the number wrong. I have version 7 also.
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