• still works for me
  • wow, I am a idiot, I kept missing one digit and didnt realize it. I got it up and working, version 7 with VISTA and works like a champ. Waiting for bill cycle end to see what happens with my bill. Good speeds on web browsing.

    Really cool everyone, thanks for the help.
  • you think its fast? to me its slow and they shouldnt be charging data for the phone imo. its $10 and not $30, but they're trying to say the touch is a smart phone.....i bought mine a while ago and already pay, just irks me how vzw finds a way to suck you dry....just like their new plans coming in 2 days...a shell game is all....sorry, vzw and their billing practices just irritate me to death
  • I think it runs good for general browsing, havent tried downloading a big file yet but I can log into email, facebook and do everything.
  • hey all...did you see the new pricing? i was paying $10 for unlimited data..now its $10 for 25mb...i knew vzw would screw their customers somehow..shell game like i said.. so anyway overlord, confirm this before you download a big file
  • yea i noticed the change on my bill, but I have Nationwide Premium Unlimited Data, now plan states Nationwide Premium with this below it "V CAST Vpak $0 for MB
    Unlimited monthly megabyte", so not sure how much is gonna change on my end, my bill cycles was 4 days ago.
  • your set then..i guess it did change for the worse for most. the nationwide connect plan (which i have)had unlimited for $10. now its 25mb..the thing is is that i had to find it. so they better email me before they charge me
  • Mine does not work It wont reconize my phone. When it dials it says theres a hardware failure in the modem or device. Plus it wont connect to my phone. What should i do. I have windows 7 with the verision 7 software on the phone
  • warren. is this new after the plan change
  • What plan change?
  • oh. figured you knew. yesterday the plans changed
  • VZ made a change to their data packages and unless your plan already included unlimited data, it is something you want to pay attention to. I believe people were paying around $10-15 extra for data usage, it has now spiked upwards to $25 extra a month for unlimited. Make sure you check your billing summary, to ensure that you are covered for unlimited data, or if it has changed to a specific usage amount if you were only pay the $10-15 a month.
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    "Mine does not work It wont reconize my phone. When it dials it says theres a hardware failure in the modem or device. Plus it wont connect to my phone. What should i do. I have windows 7 with the verision 7 software on the phone"

    That sounds like a PC failure, doesnt sound like a dial up setting. When you plug the phone in, are you getting the LG USB MODEM found ? I would re install the LG Modem driver, as I had one PC do that, just reinstalled then when I made the new connection again, it picked the LG phone. Delete the connection then after reinstalling the driver again, re set it up to ensure that Windows does see the driver/device installed and selects that modem for connection.
  • overlord..sounds like they're gonna get a lot of irate calls then...im gonna be one of them. my bill date is the 10th. they came out with this on the 18th.. so it better not affect me at least this month...

    and to warren, try uninstalling and reinstalling everything related to the phone. including bluetooth. you can also access bitpim via bluetooth
  • "v941726" - sounds like they will be getting a lot of calls, but im waiting for our corp. accounts person to get back to me about it. Can Verizon change your plan in the middle of your plan? Usually they honor the old plan until your contract would be up. Even then, I believe if you keep as it, its grandfathered in. I have been with Verizon over 8 years now, and the plans always change, and unless I upgraded my phone, my plan was always grandfathered in. My new every two is DEC.

    "warren" - let us know how you make out...
  • hope your right. thats how it should be..otherwise i smell class action suit..if you find out, fill us in please
  • roger, will do.
  • So, there current plan setup for individual that wants unlimited text, web, data, would be 450 min for $59.99 and then an added $29.99 for unlimited data for an ENV TOUCH? That brings my price up another $10 per month than what I currently have. Just seems extremely high to me for such a low amount of minutes.
  • yeah. as i said, shell game
  • but if you call them that 25mb limit isnt valid. im family connect and they tell me $10 is unlimited..i dont trust it
  • I have a question? I currently use the DUN hack as a back up for when my DSL is down. I'm scared that if I drop my DSL and only use my phone, that my data per month would be outrageous considering that I download alot of movies and stuff every month. At the same time I'm curious as to what Verizon could do about it because my plan says unlimited. Is there anyways that they can tell that I'm tethering?

    I'd also like to know the highest amount of data anybody on here has had in a month. And if there were any questions asked or anything. I just checked my account and seen that I've used 120MB this month so far and I still have around 10 days till my cycle ends.
  • BobbyHille
    I have gotten to 3.5 Gigs a month, upload and download. thats what my phone showed when i would disconnect after the first month. but it looks like the phone itself just keeps a timer going and counts up how much data you use thereafter, it doesnt reset. but on my bill it only showed me the download amount. which happened to be 1.9 gigs. dont be scared when you disconnect your phone and you see a huge amount of data blinking. only go by what is posted on your account, or when you dial #DATA. as for the new plan change my bill still says that i have the nationwide connect with 450 min and UNL data. if they decide to change that, then that is bull sh!t because i was never notified or warned about the upcoming changes. so as far as i know, my plan is locked in until i change it. but i will keep everyone posted on this one.
  • So most people on here have been tethering probably for quite some time now using this DUN hack, right?

    Anyone been charged yet for doing so, and how long have you been doing it? how much data are you using on average per month tethering?
  • I havent tried it yet because my mom has everything blocked but who cares as long as shes paying the bill:)
  • Comment Author Doral330
    I havent tried it yet because my mom has everything blocked but who cares as long as shes paying the bill:)

    That is real nice to treat her that way! *sarcasm*

    I guess your mom thought ahead though and figured "I'll block everything...who cares I'm paying the bill" Come on kid...and if your not a kid that is even sadder.
  • hello everyone im new here and i just tried this hack as my first hack for my touch and this is what i get after i put in username , dail up number and password i get this , The remote connection was denied because the user name and password combination you provided is not recognized, or the selected authentication protocol is not permitted on the remote access server.
  • What did you put in for the username and password? Did you check them for typos?
  • not at all i did it like 10 times over and over was very careful i typed #777 ,Mynumber@vzw3g.com and vzw
  • I'll see if I can recreate it using my phone.
  • alright thanks
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