(How-To) Social Beat (facebook/twitter/myspace/gmail/etc) on Env Touch, and other unsupported apps

Great news, everyone!

I have Social Beat (a Facebook/Gmail/Twiiter/MySpace/more application) working on the enV touch for free! You'll obviously need a data plan (or risk incurring charges), but the download is from Verizon, and works with minimal glitches.

Verizon, as you may know, gives away this application for free on many other devices- but the enV touch is 'incompatible'. In order to download the app, all we have to do is trick Verizon's app store into believing we have a compatible device.

We'll use the service menu to do this, so the usual disclaimer applies: I'm not responsible for anything you break. It's all on your shoulders.

1) Enter the service menu, by dialing ##PROGRAM11000 and hitting send.
2) Enter your service code, which is almost always 000000 (six zeroes.)
(Be careful here! Don't change anything except what this guide indicates, unless you really know what you're doing.)
3) Select 'Media Center settings'.
4) Select 'platform ID'.
5) We're going to enter the platform ID for the original enV, so type in only the number 1145.
6) Hit save. Your phone will restart automatically.

Now, go to 'Media Center' and select 'Browse and Download'. The media center will now think your phone is an original enV, so you should be able to find and download Social Beat.

7) (In Media Center, Browse and Download:) Select 'Get New Applications'. Social Beat should be listed amongst the first apps. Download it- it's free!

This should theoretically work for any application the enV Touch won't support.

If you want (and you probably should) to set the platform ID back to the correct value for the enV touch, follow the above instructions, but replace 1145 with 1291, (or your original value if you had something different.)

I've only tested this on V5 firmware, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work on the others.

There may be additional platform IDs that support other sets of software; if I run into any others that work I'll post them.

Happy hacking!


-The touchscreen obviously isn't supported. You can view the program(s) on the external screen, but you'll need to use the internal screen to interact with them.
-The Social Beat application likes to put asterisks before your username and password. Don't delete these until after you've entered the first letter of your password, or they'll keep coming back.


  • That's cool. I had thought that maybe something like this would be possible, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. Are there any other apps that won't work on the touch but work on the enV?
  • So what could this be a facebook app? And is it
    actually worth getting?
  • It's pretty cool. It has different "slides" for different webapps, including Facebook, GMail, MySpace, RSS and Google Talk. On the facebook slide you can view your wall and such and comment and everything.
  • ok this is great. nice work. is there any other platform id's we could use to get some more apps. like the voyeger or dare something like that? i wish i knew those platform id's to test them out
  • ok this is great. nice work. is there any other platform id's we could use to get some more apps. like the voyeger or dare something like that? i wish i knew those platform id's to test them out
  • Does the minimize/notify feature work on the Touch? I tried to set it up to notify me when it was closed, but it didn't seem to do so. Is there a special method to "activate" this feature?
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    Be careful, changing the platform id could cause you to lose existing apps/games as the platform id is part of the BREW signature. Be sure to have a full filesystem backup, or at least a full brew backup before doing it. Not sure if this applies to the third generation env phones (env3/touch) though.
  • In this particular case, it's safe to do; at least in my experience.

    The Voyager and several previous models had a security feature the changed the BREW platform ID when you modified the Get It Now platform ID; this is what caused the deletion. The enV touch allows you to change the one without changing the other.

    Backing up your brew directory is never a bad idea, though.
  • Do you know if the Env3 has the same security feature as the Voyager or is it safe just like the touch?
  • does anyone else find it kind of sad that we have to hack this phone to get the apps we want? plus christmas is nearing and guess what! no app store....
  • true dat
  • srry if i sound like a noob but how do you dial ##PROGRAM11000? my fone wont let me dial letters in a #.
  • You have to open the phone and use the QWERTY keypad.
  • Yeah what peteywell said. Click sym pound sym pound the type program on the keys like you were typing the word and put 11000 at the end. Then type 0000 as the password
  • You can dial the # symbol and alpha characters using the external touchscreen dialpad also. The display will substitute numbers for letters as you enter them, but it still works just fine.
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    I got it to download and open just fine, but it wont sign in. Sometimes it just says signing in and doesnt do anything and other times it tells me my user name.password is wrong when I know its not. anyone else have this problem?

    Edit: Its working now
  • WadeBoggs I have the same problem that you had,it won't sign in,what did you do to fix that ???
  • The interface is so tiny, it took me awhile before I realized I was trying to log into Twitter using my FB user/pw. Eventually found the Facebook though and it works. I hate the pop-up ads that are sprinkled throughout the day though, thought I disabled that by having it shut down when it is turned off, but I guess not.
  • question; i'm thinking about doing this but is it worth it? for instance is the facebook interaction better than that of say m.facebook.com or lite.facebook.com?
  • tebo1955 At fist I tried logging in after the asterisks that were there and it didnt work. Then I tried deleting them and they wouldn't delete. So then I moved the cursor before the asterisks and put in my login then the deleted the asterisks after my login and it worked if that makes any sense.
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    @ spaz33g
    I don't know if the interface is necessarily better, but it is definitely faster than changing pages on the website. It is also easier to post to your wall and comment as there are conveniently place text boxes in the app.
  • alright that was definately worth it and it took all of five minutes. we need more content like this for the touch. thanks ktemkin
  • Well that's a neat app. It's sad that they don't put this out for the touch. This also works for Daily Scoop.
  • some more ids are 1025,1104,1065,and 1274 for the versa some have more games i didnt find anything really good for free tho
  • I find it to be totally ridiculous that Verizon doesn't release software like this for the touch. This is so useful.
  • what are the pop ups that crabsalt mentioned?
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    I went ahead and deactivated it, a lot of times Social Beat just opens the browser to Facebook anyway if you want to see someone's pictures. I'm not a Twitterer so I don't really care about the other services it uses. But I was getting ads showing the weather, ads showing local gas prices, ads showing your ad here, etc. at least three to four times a day. That might have come from Daily Scoop or some other app though. But the message was always horizontal.

    Anyway, this is still an innovative way to get an app that Verizon hasn't bothered to make available to us yet.
  • Definitely worth it. Thanks for this... I did always complain about the lack of apps for this so-called "app-friendly" phone.
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