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Here is the enV Touch Review from Wirefly:

The LG enV Touch is the successor to the company’s popular Voyager model, and the new age version of the original enV VX 99000 that debuted in 2007. And with an updated and sleeker design and interface, 3.2 megapixel camera/camcorder with flash and autofocus, full HTML browser, and support for a litany of Verizon services, there’s plenty for the Touch’s older siblings to be envious about. The enV Touch delivers a supreme media and messaging experience, and while it’s unfortunately lacking WiFi and support for VCAST TV, LG’s enV Touch is sure to win the hearts and minds of Verizon subscribers longing to reach out and touch a new generation of the company’s folder-style lineage.

Look and Feel
At first glance, it’s the Touch’s luxurious 3” external touch screen that stands out – and with a crisp and vibrant 800×400 pixel resolution, it should. Flipping open the Touch reveals a twin 3” non-touch TFT display. The enV Touch is about 4.5” long and slightly more than 2” wide, weighing in at a brawny but fit 4.92 oz. At nearly .7” deep, the Touch is slightly bulky like its brethren – but hey, it’s packing a very nicely spaced QWERTY keyboard with a couple nice shortcut keys and four-way navigation key. And it stills slides into a pocket or purse quite nicely.

The front screen is surrounded by a sleek and shiny metallic frame, and the only 3 buttons on the front of the phone are the nice dark brushed metal Send, End, and Back/Voice Command keys. On the left side of the Touch is a camera button, volume key, and quick key lock button. On the right is a microSD slot that supports up to 16GB as well as a standard 3.5mm headset jack for your media listening pleasure. A 3.2 megapixel camera with flash set in a pretty classy grooved metal backing graces the back. An LG-proprietary USB jack can be found on the bottom, and also serves as the charging port.

The internal display is surrounded by a pair of stereo speakers. The keyboard on the other side of the device features shortcut keys for quick access to Messaging, Favorite Contacts, Vibrate Mode, and Voice Commands (doubling as the space bar key), with two navigation keys at the top. Keys are slightly raised and feel good when pushed, making typing a message is a pleasure.

The enV Touch’s hinge allows it to open to either a laptop-esque slant or fully flat. I preferred it to be fully flat when responding to a text message on the fly, but tilted like a laptop if I was browsing a web page while sitting at a table or desk. Each to their own.

Read the rest here: http://www.blog.wirefly.com/carriernews/verizon-wireless/06042009/full-review-lg-env-touch
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