Formatting a memory card

I have a 4 gig san disk sd card, but it is not formatted. What will happen to the card if I allow the phone to format it? What are the risks involved?


  • The card will only work if you allow the Phone to format it. Formating will erase "ALL" the stored info from the card so make sure you back up anything you dont want to lose.
  • yes the card will be completeley wiped if you format it however the phone will still let you use it if you dont.i pulled a one gig sandisk out of my girlfriends old phone and have been using it in my touch and have not formatted it. in fact i still have some pictures and sounds from her phone saved to it. actually when you format the card the only real idea is to literally delete everything.

    i'm a photographer so i have a lot of experience with formatting cards. whenever you delete a picture or sound or anything really from a memory card you dont actually end up deleting everything. there are still junk files like file names and directions and even thumbnails. the point of formatting your card is to get rid of all the crap you dont need and it will generally make your card run faster. but dont do it from your phone unless you know what your doing and all your files are backed up somewhere
  • Have to disagree with spaz.
    Although you can use the card without formatting it in the phone, use of it is limited. Each phone formats the SD card for its own purposes and while some phones can read some things off of SD cards not formatted by the phone itself, you might not be able to save to it properly. Back up whatever is on there and format it. You can them copy whatever you want back into the appropriate folders on the formatted card.
  • well my card has been passed around like a dock side hooker on pay day and it hasnt been formatted since the day it came out of the box like three years ago. it works fine on my phone, my friends versa and my girlfriends new somethin or other.
  • Spaz: All LG phones most likely. Hey if it works, no worries.

    Pspaceman: There are no risks to formatting the card as long as you've backed everything up. You could just try using it without formatting it as spaz suggests, but if you've trolled this site at all you find that almost everyone else will tell you to format it in the phone to avoid issues later.
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  • I guess it depends on your source for definitions.
  • buffalo i concede to you as a gentleman and a scholar. you were right. i formatted mine last night for the first time in a long time and its running about 4x faster. however i still think the average phone user should stay away from formatting unless your absoluteley sure what your doing or you can kiss your files goodbye.
  • That's why you make a copy of the files first. Formatting always clears the files no matter where you do the fomatting. I think a lot of people don't have the setup to tranfer the files back and forth or are unsure of how to do it so they hold off. There are a number of good threads on how to accomplish these tasks on this site and others. People just need to take care and follow the instructions.
  • Buffaloquinn you are the man, MAN! Thanks for straighting out my weak attempt at an answer, sorry it took 3days, nice job!
  • If you don't format the card, some of the required folders won't get created. I remember vidz didn't exist before formatting, can't remember what else was missing.
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