VZ Navigator $2.99???

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I was in the Browse & Download section and saw that when i clicked on VZ Navigator it gave me the $9.99/month option, or "$2.99 - Expires 24 Dec '09" When i click on it, it says "You will be charged $2.99 for this app. Proceed?" It's most likely just a "Christmas" offer or something but it doesnt say "/month" so I was wondering, if by chance, is that $2.99 for unlimited? Doubt it, but it's worth an ask. :) Thanks.


  • I believe that the $2.99 deal is a two-day access to the program.
  • Oh...ok. Thanks.
  • haha aww n00b. ;) j/k
  • Lol, pretty much.
  • $2.99 is 24hr access..if you check the options it will give you the time of expiration
  • so if you do the 2.99 deal then the VZNavigator hack it should work out and save 7 bucks?
  • do the hack with the 9.99 version and have it forever. all the time
  • I would, but im clueless, and would probably f*** up my phone. Haha
  • not if you follow them step by step.....ive done city id, vznav, and all the pre-installed games. it works!
  • @v941726: Have you seen any ghost charges appear on your phone bill?? I've still got the VCAST VPAK, so those data apps wouldn't phase my usage limits, haha.
  • Or you could be an honest person, and pay for the app.
  • no fun jump..besides, verizon gets a too much of my money as it is
  • Yeah, the hack definitely doesn't work with the $2.99 trial. This is just a public service announcement... make sure when you go to delete an app that the correct app name shows up at the top. I found that if you click on the settings icon next to an app at the bottom of the list, it sometimes gives you the settings for the one right above that. I accidentally deleted VZ Navigator, couldn't restore from my old bitpim backup, and ended up spending $13(silly me tried the trial version first) to get it back. Oh well, I'd say I've definitely gotten $13 worth of use out of it in the 8 months I've had it. Definitely not worth the $80 it should have been, especially when the Droid gets the Google equivalent for free.
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