Free Games Please?

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Hi im new to this place and i was just wonering if you can send me the vz song idenifier program. like the brew program or whatever it is called. i know where to install it on my phone. the reason why i am asking here is because my dad disabled the feature to browse the store because it used up airtime. i have asked him to enable it but everytime it is a no. so yea

thanks in advance


  • um we cant do that, there is no way to download any apps without the use of the "app store" inside the phone.
  • im asking if you have the game and if you could upload it. go into the file system and get the game through the brew folder. the .mif application and the corresponding folder name.
  • Not a lot of luck doing that, usually it doesn't work, but a few people have bricked their phones copying files or folders from someone else's phone.
  • those are system files. im talking about applications
  • can someone also please send me a backup of "drawingpad_edit_bg.jpg" i accidentally deleted mine. it is located in flash > ui > tools. i would really aprreciate if you could send me that. thanks
  • the applications are embedded within the Brew folder southpole560,copying the application from one phone to another would be dangerous and also pointless because even if you did, the application is marked so that it only works with the phone it was downloaded too. (if i understand it right)(and i think i do).
  • oh well. could i at least get the "drawingpad_edit_bg.jpg" file please?
  • Thats probably a bad idea...sounds like maybe you messed up your phone the first time you TRIED to "hack" it
  • the drawingpad_edit_bg.jpg is just a pic it will not mess up your phone if you get it from someone elses phone.
    also it is an unneeded file it does nothing if you change it
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