Use EnV Touch as a GPS Sensor for Win 7

Has anyone tried using the EnV Touch as a GPS Sensor for Windows 7?

I noticed that the LG USB Modem driver v4.9 contained a driver for an "LG GPS NMEA Port" and have been trying to access the internal GPS on the EnV Touch.

Can anyone discover the NMEA standard used can be used (version, sentence structure, bit rate, etc.).


  • sorry i cant you out on this but if you get it working you have to post a tutorial!
  • This would be amazing for use with my netbook and google maps. If anyone has anymore information about this let us know.
  • i just found this info about gps...not very useful for us as this leads me to a call that say Network GPS Start but no location info displays. I would really love the ability to use a gps program other than navigator...i really don't like it.

    wonder how we get the coordinates to display on the touch...
  • vz nav used to give you coordinates within 1/10 of a foot..cant find it in the new version now..

    are you all saying you want gps on your laptops?
  • K just wanted to put here for all those who are subscribed to this thread. IT is possible, And I will be posting a tutorial shortly.
  • laptopfreek0, did you post the tutorial?

  • laptopfreeko

    Where the tutorial?
  • freelance writer
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