Env Touch will not turn on

edited January 2010 in enV Touch General
My env touch screen, both of them, will not turn on. I left my phone on overnight, and it worked fine in the morning. A couple hours later i pressed the side button to take it out of sleep mode, and nothing would turn on. I plugged it in with the charger and it still does not react. I took out the battery and sd card and put them back in and it didn't work. The phone just literally stopped working, it wasn't even moving. Any suggestions?


  • Sounds like either the battery or the phone died. Can you take it to the Verizon Store?
  • I took it to the Verizon Store. The guy did something and the phone turned on, this isn't the first time it randomly shut down on me so if i have anymore problems, i can get it replaced.
  • bet its the charger..bet you will have more problems and eventually getting a charger and a phone...
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