Looking to trade enV touch

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Just wondering if anyone has a Blackberry Tour that they'd be willing to trade for a 2 month old enV touch. It's in perfect condition, just a few scratches at the top, from normal use. Wanted the BB but didn't want to pay the extra for internet, but ended up changing my plan to unlimited usage last month, so am looking for the BB now.

I figured I'd post it up here, cause I don't trust anyone on Craigslist. Lol.



  • Make sure that your plan will work with the BlackBerry. You may have to pay more per month for the plan for the BlackBerry.
  • What do you mean? I'm on a family plan and have unlimited data...
  • Which plan? Connect plan or the $30 unlimited data? The BB requires $30 added on to the select plan, not just the connect plan's unlimited data.
  • bryan, its changed now. cant get a clear answer. dont know if its grandfathered or not...from what i see there is no more "unlinited", its$10 for 25mb or $30 fore 75mb.....hate to say this but i wonder if its sites like this where they're catching on
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    BlackBerry plans always seem to run more than the regular VZ phones because it uses seperate network than just normal VZ, actually I believe and "smartphone" or PDA phone. I tried just using my Motorola Q with my regular plan, I was shot down with the quickness from VZ.
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