How to restore enV touch??

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Is there any way to reset an enV touch phone, meaning clear it because you don't the passcode. Plz help me out


  • aka u jacked it?
  • If you jacked it then we don't want to get into that. Next time buy your own phone.
  • Best way is at a Verizon Store, unless it's stolen.
  • There is a way in the security menu but you need the passcode to get in.
  • There might be a file you can access in BitPim that when Hex-dumped displays the lock code.

    I remember this from when I bought an LG VX8100 on eBay and it came locked.... and when I emailed the person, they said they didn't know it. So I fumbled around on bitpim and found it... sorry can't be of much more help.
  • last 4 of original # normally works.
  • I was trying to transfer texts from my old phone to this one, I restarted the phone and now it won't turn on- it just flashes the Verizon logo. Do I need to go to the Verizon store to fix this or can I do it myself somehow?
  • How were you transfering the texts, BitPim? I would try pulling the battery and leaving it out for a couple of minutes. Then put it back in and try again.
  • Yeah with BitPim, I first tried just the "get data"/"send data" option, but that wasn't transferring them from my computer to my phone so I was manually adding files to the SMS folder in the filesystem. I'll try leaving the battery out for a few mins and see if that works, thanks for the tip.

    Do you have any idea if it's possible to transfer texts from an old phone (in particular the Chocolate 2) to the EnV touch and how?
  • The Touch's message system is kind of self-contained. I don't believe you can just add files to it. If you look at the folder through BitPim you'll see it contains numbered files for the maximum number of messages it will allow. I don't know if it would be possible to individually overwrite them either.
  • Thanks, once I get my phone working again (whether leaving the battery out fixes it, or I have to get Verizon to fix it) I'm not going to try to transfer my old messages over, I don't care about them that much!
  • I left the battery out for about 15 mins, still shows the Verizon logo for about 10 seconds, then it goes away for a couple, comes back for 10 more seconds, etc. Guess I'll be going to Verizon. Thanks for trying though
  • General rule of thumb with BitPim, don't do it if you don't know for sure it will work. Especially in "Filesystem". BitPim doesn't check to see if what you're sending is okay for the phone, it will just overwrite any file with any other file.
  • ..Are we just not telling him how to unlock it? If not then I could tell him in my next post.
  • Most people who have a problem with restoring the phone who won't go to Verizon have acquired the phone by dubious means.
  • Understandable, I usually like to think of giving people the benefit of the doubt. Oh well good luck guy, if you search the forums enough. They will point to a way all you need to know is do not fear that which you are not meant to see.(
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