Guide to make your battery last 7+ days of regular use

Here is a guide to increase your battery life to 7+ days with regular to moderately heavy use.

Note:Read all directions FIRST and make sure you understand them. If you have any questions, please post and I will do my best to help you out or atleast point you in the right direcion.

Note: Follow this guide carefully as some of the steps can mess up your phone.

Section 1: How TO CHarge Your Battery
The OEM Stock Battery that comes with the phone is a 3.7V, 950mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery. By default, when your phone is charging, it is charging the battery then trickle charging it once it's been completely charged. Follow these instructions for prolonging your battery's life and life span:

1.)Atleast once a month, drain your battery completely and then let it charge, while turned off, over night. (Best if charged by computer.)

2.)Do not charge youur battery next to a heat source such as a heater or oven as this degrades your battery's life span and its capacity to hold a charge.

3.)If your phone/battery gets hot while charging, immediately unplug your phone, pull the battery out, and open it to display the internal keyboard.

Section 2: Tweaks to increase how long you can go without having to charge your phone.

This first one can easily double or even triple how long you can go without charging. THis will slow down your internet and should still allow your apps such as VZ nav to still work.

1.)Dial ##PROGRAM11000
2.)ENter in security code (Usually 6 zero's)
3.)Go to Network Select
4.)Go to Mode Preferece
5.)Select 1X Only
6.)Hit End

What that does is it tells your phone to only look for and use the more common 1X service instead of the spotty EVDO.

Note: This can be reversed easily by Dialing *228, option 1.

Next, change the following:
Touch Vibration Effect>Off
Location>E911 Only
Mobile Email>Push/Notification of new email=Off
External Backlight>7 or 15 sec.
Internal Backlight>7 or 15 sec.
Keybad Backlight>7 or 15 sec.
System Select>Automatic

Also: It helps to keep as much phone memory cleared as possible. I don't know why, but it does help alot.

Section 3:Other things

Once a week, run the "Roaming Capability Update". To do this:
DIal *228
Option 2
Your phone will play some amazing elevaor music;o)
Once done, your phone will reboot automatically.

In the service menu (##LGSERVICEMENU, 6 Zero's), Do the following(Best if you turn Airplane mode ON for this as to not interupt anything):
>Field Tests-LG>Power Save Mode>Yes
>H/W Tests-LG>Bypass Booting>Charging Timer>OFF
Your phone will reboot after each one.

All of the above suggestions have been tested by myself and should work. they have worked flawlessly for me.

Note: I am not going to be held responsible if you go and mess something up and brick your phone. Do not quote me on anything I have told you what to do and how to do it. Have fun



  • GREAT POST!!, but what will this do? Will the phone behave any differently? Thanks

    In the service menu (##LGSERVICEMENU, 6 Zero's), Do the following(Best if you turn Airplane mode ON for this as to not interupt anything):
    >Field Tests-LG>Power Save Mode>Yes
    >H/W Tests-LG>Bypass Booting>Charging Timer>OFF
  • @Andervil
    Thank you.
    What will what do?
    What will the 1X thing?
    or What will the Service menu stuff do?

    The 1X trick tells the phone to only use the 1X service which is available almost everywhere where EVDO is not. The phone is programmed(By default before you do this) to always use EVDO if it is there, regardless of which service has better strength. EVDO is the signal that the phone uses for Digital Data.

    The Power Save Mode doesnt do much as it is usually already on, but it does not hurt to make sure. It just makes the phone more efficient. As for the Charging timer, the phone when it charges, by default, will only charge the battery for a preset amount of time. For Example:
    LG tests their phone in a lab and notes that it takes an average of say 3 hours to charge the battery with the system set up. Then they tell the phone to only charge the battery for three hours, then switch over to powering just itself and not touching the battery. When you change this setting, it tells the phone that as long as it is plugged in, it needs to send power to the battery. The battery then gets to decide when its fully charged and then stops charging.

    As for behavior, nothing major will happen with anything that is changed. THe only thing that I have noticed is the browser might run a little slower. Text messages will be sent faster as you won't have to wait for it to switch to the 1X service. If you are running VZ Nav, it will ask that you change your location settings. Thats about it though.
  • For anyone, Please let me know of any problems, glitches, or if anything is hard to understand.
    Also, I would love to hear what everyone thinks. If you are going through the Service menus doing this or just for fun and find anything that you think might increase battery life, or anything cool, post it and I'll check it out.
  • I think I stumbled upon a glitch in the Phones internal power “calibration” system. When I first rec’d the Phone I fully charged it then let the battery drain down to the point of the Phone going dead for the 1st couple times, the Phone would power down shutting itself off, I’d then charged it using the wall charger for 2-3hrs giving it full charge which would last me 3-4days with normal use. As of late whenever the battery got down to 1 bar I’d charge it, sometimes to a full charge sometimes not, using the wall charger. And here’s what I noticed the other night, the Battery display will begin to beep and flash and continue to beep/flash for hours (I finally woke up enough to figure out what the hell that noise was). Now out of nowhere on consecutive days I had to give the phone a full charge using the wall charger but the battery would appear to die (beeping /flashing) by the end of 1day with minimal use. Now on Day #3 I used my spare USB cable at work to fully charge my Phone via the Computer, and with my regular use I still have the 4 full bars 48hrs later…

    Question, using the wall charger not the best way to charge, is using the USB cable via the computer to charge a truer way to charge the battery getting a better calibration reading maximizing the Battery or is the Phone just being quirky?
  • Ok. I think I understand the problem. Let me Ask you:
    Where do you charge your phone at? like what is it near?
  • Thanks, I just didn't understand the ##LGSERVICEMENU part. The 1X seems to be the major difference maker here.
    Another question...
    By disabling the charging timer, will the phone still display BATTERY FULLY CHARGED when it completes?
  • Yes it will. In fact, it is "Healthier" for your battery as it allows the battery to "Decide" when its fully charged.
  • I have something that says "battery thermister" Is that the same thing?
  • @aravena: Same thing as what? from what I think you're asking...the answer is no, it isn't the same thing. Thermistor is used for charging (i think it somehow measures the batteries temperature while it charges, not sure tho), but I don't believe you want to change anything with that.
    just follow the directions so you don't mess anything up.
  • OK. After a quick search on google, it doesn't do anything except measure temperature. As far as it effecting the charge of the battery, I think its main purpose is to cut the power to and from the battery in the event that it overheats. THe only thing that I have seen in the menus as far as "battery thermistor" is test functions.

    alot of the test functions that I have tried do not report anything back as far as a health/status or errors go. If anyoe has anything else, that would be great to hear about it.

    THanks for the Questions.
  • "In the service menu (##LGSERVICEMENU, 6 Zero's), Do the following(Best if you turn Airplane mode ON for this as to not interupt anything):
    >Field Tests-LG>Power Save Mode>Yes
    >H/W Tests-LG>Bypass Booting>Charging Timer>OFF
    Your phone will reboot after each one."
    Great tweaks here. I followed the directions above ^^^, and all went well. But, there was no "reboot"? Normal?
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    Yes, I was actually going through everything on my phone as I was typing to make sure I didn't miss anything and when I first did it, I did not turn the Airplane mode on and It would keep rebooting and locked up. so after I got it to stop locking up, I tried it with the Airplane mode on and it worked so that is why that is in there. You are perfectly ok with it not rebooting, however, if your phone ever locks up(Booting up, but not doing anything else) please let me know so I can look into it to make sure it won't brick the phone.
  • C-Fern,

    I mostly charge the phone at home, I read the part of your post about the heat source but I dont think thats part of the problem I ran into.

    1.)At least once a month, drain your battery completely and then let it charge, while turned off, over night. (Best if charged by computer.)

    I think I screwed up the calibration by giving the Battery partial charges, it was only a couple times because I was in a pinch. I'm buying into your post about calibrating once a month, that has to be a big part of my issue.
  • Thanks for your speedy reply, C-Fern!! :)
  • My xbox live gamertag is COMMANDOFERNAND and I have had it pronounced so many ways that are wrong, but C-Fern sounds sweet. I like it.
    A little off topic, I know;o)
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  • this isnt working for me:
    "In the service menu (##LGSERVICEMENU, 6 Zero's), Do the following(Best if you turn Airplane mode ON for this as to not interupt anything):
    >Field Tests-LG>Power Save Mode>Yes
    >H/W Tests-LG>Bypass Booting>Charging Timer>OFF
    Your phone will reboot after each one."

    when i go to field test there is no power save mode option when i go to H/w test there is no bypass booting/charging option.

    what do i do.
  • The Power Save mode Is Option 9.
    Correction: Instead of yes, I meant on.
    The Bypass Booting is option 7
    Charging timer is option 4.

    I hope that Helps. If not, it doesn't make too much of a difference.
  • Although unrelated, I think I found a way to increase the SMS inbox size from 8 to 15 kilobytes. Under the SMS option, there is the SMS MO SO setting. I searched for it and it seems to be the amount of memory allocated to the inbox.
  • Nice. I just found a new service code. Its a new Discussion.
  • @bigdawg66
    I am terrible sorry for not replying to your post for I did not see your post. With the problem you are experiencing, here is the best thing to do:
    Note:THis is probably a great thing to do when you do your full recharge once a month.

    Drain your phone battery until it shuts down on its own.
    Then, keep powering it up and letting it shut down by itself until is won't even light up to start. At this point, the battery is completely and fully discharged.
    Now plug your phone in and leave it turned off and let it charge via computer power without intterruption.
    Now repeat the process 3 to 5 time is best and this will completely reset the charging calibration of the battery. Make sure you let it recharge completely.

    THis should make exactly the same as when you first pulled it out of the box. At this point, I remember seeing a post about "breaking in" your battery, I would strongly suggest doing this.
  • Change to that last post. If you do it for your full recharge once a month, you do not need to repeat it at all. THe repetition just resets the battery.
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    Yo C-Fern,

    I'm with you man, I figured I screwed up the calibration by partialy charging the battery, but hey I learned something new. I had read that post about "breaking in" your battery and have tried to stay on top of the once a month calibration, thinking I better try a little harder, LOL.

    BTW, I still have 2bars left from my last charge via the computer 4days ago, it just dawned on me that after I had reached a full charge I unpluged then replug the phone making it register a full charge a 2nd time, wondering if that had any affect on the calibration?
  • As far as the double charge, I do not know if that will effect the charge status, although it seems like it could. Im sorry I don't know for sure.
  • Hello, I have a question: I'm trying to get to the program menu and I'm trying the instructions as posted but I keep getting a recording that "I'm sorry, that number has been disconnected...." and there's nowhere to enter in the '000000'. Phone is 1 week old and running service pack 7. Help?
  • OK. Service Pack 7(Same as V07) does work with this. Try this instead:
    On the externa screen, Dial this: ##776472611000
    Then THe zero's that should work.
  • edited February 2010
    I have V07 and both work fine. Could it be on newer phones only? I got mine with V04.
  • I had my phone replaced, brand new (If anyone has questions on how i did that, ask) about a month ago so i do not know if its a "Newer" phone, but it came installed with V07.
  • Nice guide, but if you actually use data(especially if you use the DUN hack), turning off EVD0 doesn't sound like such a hot idea.
  • Thats one otf the down falls to it. It won't stop you froom accessing it, it will just make it painstakingly slow. It will disable Vcast though.
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