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Hey everyone. My name is Bonzoholic. You can call me Bonzo for short or you can call me .........nevermind.

Found this forum a couple of days ago and I've been mostky lurking and have found it pretty informative being that I am a new ENV Touch user. So far, I am pretty impressed with the phone. Lots of cool features!

Now, for my question. I am with Verizon and I subscribed with the $10.00 dollar data plan that allows you 25MB per month. What features on the Touch will eat up this MB allowance the most? I was using the mobile email alert feature for my emails but have since stopped using it (I can check my emails from home or from work). Other than web browsing, what kills the MB on my plan?

Thanks In Advance!



  • great question. i am curious too. I have mobile email on my phone but don't let it send me alerts in fear the alerts are using data. Also have social beat on there, but also don't let it alert me for the same reason. Can anyone tell me if these programs use data when alerting you?

    I do have photos turned off on facebook and i think that helps with data for that site at least.
  • Bueller?

  • im not sure. mine was grandfathered in. my bill says "Allowance" unlimited
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