ARC File Extension

Dear Experts,

I have an ARC file from my EnvTouch that I would like to view on my PC. How can I view this file?

Thank you


  • I don't even know what an arc file is?
  • .arc files are usually used for archives, try downloading a program like StuffIt and extracting it. It's entirely possible that the enV Touch uses the .arc format for something completely different (readable by the BREW filesystem but not any software available to us, for example), though.
  • i want to know the point
  • Dear Experts,

    Thank you for your quick responses. I am trying to salvage some pictures off my phone. I downloaded all of the files off of the sim card onto my PC. I am trying to find the correct viewer for these files. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance
  • Cody,

    I tried StuffIt and no luck.

    If you have any other ideas, I am open to them.

    Thank you
  • LG Touches have sim cards now?
  • verizon doesnt put sim cards in there phone
  • Yea I know
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