Blackberry Storm THEME

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This is the blackberry storm theme made by my brother(tezmr22). i also include an updated version of the htc sense theme. Enjoy



  • THATS AWSOME!! thanks
  • best one yet for my big fingers. thanks
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    Could you possibly add the original htc sense clock to the updated htc wallpaper ? Thank you. Your themes are amazing. Any idea when ur next theme pack will be out? Also, I am sorry if you didn't want me to post your video originally on this site.
  • @cmrmotoboy
    hey nice themes but how do you change the wallpapers?
  • Great question Doc. Having the same problem with the Wallpaper. Great Theme btw. I love it!
  • ok, so ive been snooping around the actionscript... and i think that you could make the links on the wallpaper go to actual apps. Can you send me the .fla's for both the storm wallpaper and menus, and I'll see if i could make it work?
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    Yeah that's what I was thinking, I'm pretty sure you could get the links in the menu and put a few of them on the wallpaper and it would work

    EDIT: Nevermind if you try to just use the menu link in the wallpaperm it doesn't work. Maybe there's another way?

    What do you use to make your wallpapers?
  • how do you put in the wallapers with the custom clocks??
  • hey guys sorry for the late response. If u want the fla give me ur email. about making the wallpapers. my brother and i sometimes use stuff from ipod touch themes and we make our own with photo editors
  • @xboxlover360 sure i can do that. ill post a link when finished.
  • hey @xboxlover360, im having trouble adding the flip clock to the wallpaper with the widgets. i do everything and it looks perfect, but when i put it on the phone the time and date automatically turn to small letters and scroll across the top of the home screen and it just doesnt work. ill keep trying but i dont think its gonna work with widgets. i could just put the flip clock on the burgandy htc wallpaper if you'd like
  • @cmrmotoboy

    thank you for the update. keep up the good work.
  • @cmrmotoboy

    I would love it if you just put the original htc sense clock or the black windows 7 clock on the burgundy htc theme.
  • @cmrmotoboy were did you learn this, can you give me hints to learn i want to start making themes like this. i might b\have some ideas on my mind. but idk. great the btw
  • I'm looking for some help. I like the features of the HTC Sense wallpaper from the download at top of this page, being able to scroll from clock to calendar etc... without the use of arrows but I don't want the analog clock. Is there anybody that would know how to change it to a digital clock like in the Droid wallpaper (Found in "Env Touch Theme Pack")? Back grounds and icons are easy to change but I can't figure out how to change the clock.

    HTC Sense burgundy

    Droid(wallpaper, and theme)

    Thank you
  • Be careful...I just got a schiz load of malware from downloading this.
  • jakedecoteau did you get the blackberry storm wallpaper working?, if so can you send a download to
  • How do you code it so that you can interact with the background? Anything special for the enV, or just how you normally would with AS?
  • TheGuyInUrCloset did you get the wallpaper to work?
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