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heres a little update to original htc sense theme. its alot cleaner. the clock is very clear and all the icons are perfect.



  • hey, nice work
    i was wonder if u by any chance have the orginal wallpaper because i forgot to back it up
    if so plz post for me
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    your so pro at doing this man
    can you do this iphone theme?
  • sure no problem man ill start right on it.
    and here's the download for all the default stuff
  • hey do u have a backup of the obigo browser by any chance i deleted mine thanks!
  • how do u put the theme on your fone?
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    Great stuff man. Keep it up. Its on my phone as we speak. You have a web site for all your work?
  • you are the man cmrmotoboy! seriously. thank you
  • Hi, thank you for the download. This theme is great. Just one question, how do I install the wallpaper? I know how to install the theme, but not the wallpaper =/ Thank you.
  • hey man. really nice work. i was wondering, is there a way to create shortcuts to lock the phone without having to go through menu/settings/phone settings/security/lock phone now... blah blah blah. that would really help a lot... but idk if it can b done
  • Search for one of the other multiple threads with instructions on how to do so.
  • Thanks guys for the feedback! to get the wallpaper u drag the wallpapertype2Sub.swf file into wallpaper root in bitpim. u can rename it to any of the other ones if u want i just made it the second one.
  • This is a really nice theme! Do you think you could make it work for the internal screen too?
  • i could make a the internal wallpaper but u cant change the internal menu
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    i added a little weather icon, and an AM/PM if anyone wants it...

  • The weather is cool. Is there a data cost? ($1.99 for every mb or something)
  • i think its just fake weather meaning that the weather will always show to be partly cloudy and sunny
  • you forgot to put the theme for the download links,, only the walpaper is there
  • oh no. its just a picture it doesnt actually work. i was just putting it up there for people who want it. if u dont thats cool.
  • Here's an update of the weather icon. it still doesnt show the weather but it shows a sun in the daytime and a moon in the night time.

  • I love it! I like how the bottom dock matches the HTC one! ALso the menu fonts match now, good job! Could you also make an internal wallpaper?
  • sure ill work on something. check back later because ill post it here
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    Thank you! That's great!
  • hold on somethings wrong with the clock font...its too small ill fix it right away
  • Oh okay, I can wait
  • Its 12:27 am here, and the walpaper clock says 00:27 lol
  • Same thing here.
  • ok it should be fixed now

    let me know how it is
  • its with the clock. for 12 it says 0 but thats the only bad thing. all the other times are right
  • cmrmotoboy, love the theme pack you put together, but I'm having a problem I hope you can help me with. The wallpapers and themes all work great, and I can put them on my phone no problem, but none of the digital clocks work. The analog clocks work (like the HTC one with orange lights) and tell time just fine, but all of the digital clocks (droid, htc flip with weather widget) all say something like 00:25 or 00:23. Their dates are all right, just not the time. Do you know what might be causing this and how I could fix it? Thanks, and keep designing!
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