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Well a lot of people have been talking about the battery life on this phone, and i just have to say with my experience so far it has been great. I charged it till it was full then took it out (if you overcharge it it uses the battery life up) at 8:00am. I used it as much as the next texter (Web, videos, music, etc) does and it lasted till 3. 7hrs isn't that bad for all the features it has. Of course it will vary depending on how much you use the phone but it wasn't that bad. How is the experience for all of you.


  • I took my phone off the charger, yesterday at around 10am and it just now said battery low, that's 30 hours, and I used the internet, some texting and talked a pretty good bit. I think my battery started lasting longer after this one day I charged it completely and then purposely ran it completely dead by playing videos on youtube, it took about 3 hours to run it completely dead watching nothing but videos on my phone. But after that I've had better battery life. Maybe it was something else, I dont know, but I think that helped it somehow.
  • My batt life seems to have become better. The battery it came with and the first charge did seem a little shy and in line with the complaints. After I ran that one until it was dead and recharged it, it seems to be lasting longer. I am not all that intensive with the phone, but I do use it and have it on with a bluetooth headset all day with work. Based on the reviews I did purchase a second battery so I have power at all times. I also purchased a cheaply made universal charger so I could charge the battery off the phone so I could keep using it while the back up battery charged. It works ( I was surprised for the cost and quality). Now I am charging my wife's second BB Storm battery on it. Here is the link where I got it :
  • Thats cool i didn't know that had those for cell phone batteries.
  • I didn't either. Don't get me wrong it is the cheapest cheesy POS you will find. The concept is simple, and it seems to be working so what the heck right?
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    My battery life runs better than I thought.. On day 1, I put it on the charger till it said it was complete. Turned on and it lasted from 7:25am to about 11:45pm. At the end of the day, it was at 1 bar of life. I stuck on the charger till it was done charging and then went to bed. I went on the web with it, talked for about an hour or 2, and texted over 200 times. I probably will still buy an extended battery, just because it will save me time from charging it every night..Also if you think you can over charge the battery, your wrong. Ion polymer batteries will stop charging by themselves when on the charger. Just don't drain the battery till it dies. That will ruin it and cause the power to fad out after awhile. Trust me..I work with these things.
  • I'd recommend draining your battery all the way til your phone die, and then recharge it to completion. For some reason, this has increased my battery life. I don't think it actually increased the "battery life" per say, but it probably re-calibrated the battery meter so that it's more accurate to the actual battery level. Now I'm getting a full day's worth of charge, instead of about half to 3/4th a day (this is with me watching more youtube clips too).
  • the more you use the touch screen, the faster you will kill the battery life (especially if you have it set to vibrate when you touch). if you can do whatever you are doing, from inside of the phone, it's best to do it that way. not sure why anyone would use the "touch qwerty" when we have an actual qwerty....but if you are, then your battery will not last as long. browsing, texting, etc.....if done from the inside screen, will help the battery last much longer.
  • my stock battery lasts 24+ hours. If my charge completes before i go to sleep, i use it as my alarm for that night, and the next, without a recharge in between. I text like a champ, primarily with the internal qwerty. Surf the web often too, also with internal qwerty.

    Ships from China. $2.55
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    Have you ever noticed a message pop up if you charge your phone with a different brand charger that DOES fit your phone; for example “Unauthorized charging device?” The manufacture of the phone has designed “THEIR” charger with the exact charging circuitry that will properly charge the battery and with the logic and circuitry to be able to sense if you try to charge your battery with anything different.

    * LG env Touch Lithium-ion batteries do NOT have a memory like nickel cadmium.
    * LG env Touch Lithium-ion batteries do have a charge state that is sensitive to damage if overcharged or allowed to drop below a set voltage level.

    The charger and the phone constantly checks the voltage to make sure the battery is not over or under charged; thus, preventing damage to the battery.

    Charging and Overcharging:
    Your battery can be damaged from overcharging. However, leaving your phone plugged into the (Correct) charger will NOT over charge your battery. Your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) charger will automatically stop charging when the charge cycle is complete.

    You can, and or, WILL overcharge your batter and damage it if you buy a cheap knock-off charger or use a leftover charger from a different model phone.

    You WILL overcharge your battery is if it already displays ‘Charge Complete’ and you unplug the phone and immediately plug it back in. This is because charging will begin before the phone circuitry is able to establish the charge condition of the battery, stop the charging cycle and display ‘Charge Complete.’ I’ve seen others do this in an effort to give the phone an extra boost. Ya…right! They are boosting the battery to its grave.

    Excessive discharge damage:
    Your battery can also be damaged from excessive discharge. For this reason, your phone has the circuitry and logic to sense when the voltage of the battery reaches a set point of being ‘technically dead.’ When the set point is reached, the phone automatically shuts itself off.

    Prior to being shut down, the phone will have warned you with a ‘low battery warning.’ If you want to extend the battery life, you should immediately charge your phone when you get the warning.

    If you try to turn the phone on that shut itself off, you will be successful for a short time until the phone is able to analyze the battery voltage and begin the shutdown process.

    Every time you start the phone on a dead battery, you cause damage to the battery. This is because the battery is already ‘technically’ dead. However, there IS enough juice left in the battery to start the phone for a few seconds until the phone starts the shutdown procedure again.

    Continuing to turn the phone on repeatedly further reduces the voltage to drop past the ‘technically dead’ voltage level and causing further damage. If this is done enough, you WILL lower the voltage past the point of no return. The charger will be unable to charge the battery ever again.

    Do: Leave your phone plugged into the charger till the phone displays the ‘Charge Complete’ message.
    Do: Shut your phone off and plug it into the charger once it starts giving the low battery warning and leave it plugged in till the ‘Charge Complete’ message is displayed.
    Do: Turn the Bluetooth function if you’re not using it.
    Don’t: try to start the phone when you “KNOW” that it’s already shut itself off.
    Don’t: Use knock-off chargers. (You’ll save money at the cost of your battery) Your OEM charger was engineered for your EXACT battery to efficiently maintain your battery if you follow the Do’s and Don’ts.
    Don’t: turn on a phone that has been lying around (turned off) for over a week without performing a complete charge.

    Hope this helps.
  • so is it a problem if i just charge off of my computer? I've never even taken the "travel charger" out of it's plastic. I plug it in almost every night regardless of how many (or few) bars I have. This seems to work fine for me.

    I went to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving and had it plugged into my FM broadcaster cigarette lighter with USB thingy. I stayed for two days with the phone on the entire time. I didn't get many calls or send many texts and I used the internet a little bit. The phone still had a few bars when it was time to plug back in and drive home.
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    Sorry navylife78 & ijetmx, I checked out the websites and have bad news. Although these appear to work, which they probably do a fine job, they ARE bypassing the phones charging logic and circuitry by removing the battery from the phone. With the battery removed, the phone has no control of the final charge voltage, rate of charge and charge phase. Again, your OEM charger and phone combination is engineered with exacting specifications to maintain your battery.
    Although the chargers listed on the two websites above don’t have the ability of damaging the phone directly; they do pose a risk of the long term health of the battery.

    Pyro: What your doing will work just fine.

    The problem comes in with knock-off chargers, NOT knock-off data cables. The data cable is just passing the 5 volts to the phone. The phone takes care of the rest of the charging cycle.

    Knock-off car chargers have to reduce the car’s 12 volts to what the phone needs which is 5 volts.

    Knock-off wall chargers have to reduce the 120 volts down to the 5 volts the phone needs.

    Knock-off chargers car and wall chargers that you plug directly into the phone not only have the possibility of damaging the battery, but they also possess the ability to damage the phone itself.

    Knock-off chargers are made with inferior circuit components with tolerances that can and will allow the voltages to exceed the phones tolerances and damage the phone itself.

    On a technical tangent, not to confuse but, more to make the last point.

    The chargers have components. One example is a resistor. The resistor is usually used in charging circuits to reduce the voltage. These resistors have a color band on them. Band #4 is the tolerance band. Depending on the color will tell you what tolerance the resistor has. The lower the number, the more exact the resulting voltage will be. Likewise, the lower the number, the more expensive the resistor will be. BLA BLA BLA… ya I know… sorry. :p

    In short, knock-off chargers have cheap components. Cheap components have high tolerances and high tolerances damage batteries. Sure they charge, but again, at the cost of the life of your battery.

    I HAVE plugged a knock-off into one of my old “free” phones several years ago. The phone was able to sense that it was not an OEM charger and refuse the charge. I’m not about to plug my expensive Touch into a knock-off charger.

    To maintain optimal battery life, you should plug your phone in every night before bed and make it a habit.
  • my phone often displays the "charge complete" notification prematurely (sometimes only 30 minutes after charging it from completely dead). I know that it takes about 2 hours for it to usually charge completely, so i quickly unplug and plug it back in for it to finish the charge. Am i damaging the battery? There is absolutely no way that it would complete a charge in 30 minutes.
  • I agree. From a completely dead battery, it should take 2 to 3 hours. How much standby/text/talk time are you getting out of the 30 minute charge?
  • never tried to completely kill the battery after a 30 minute charge. but after a handful of texts, or a couple minutes on the web, ill lose a bar, whereas with a complete charge, Ill have full bars for half a day, texting and all.
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    I would first have to question the charger itself, Is it OEM? It sounds to me as if the supplied voltage and/or current is/are too high and therefore charging the battery so quickly. It’s possible to charge the battery in 30 minutes in this case. Under these conditions, the charging is halted at stage #1 of the charge cycle and reported as complete. At this point, your battery will actually have only a 70% to 80% charge.

    Why this is bad: The phone was not designed to ‘quick charge’ the battery. By pumping in a higher voltage and current; the battery will most likely receive a charge above 4.2V (especially with a knock-off charger) Lithium-ion polymer aka Li-Polymer aka LiPo currently have a reported max charge of 4.23 V. The OEM battery that comes with the Touch is rated at 3.7 V.

    Think of it this way, if you have a small glass and fill it up at the sink while the faucet is running full blast; your going over fill the glass. Over charging the Lithium-ion polymer results in what’s called plating which reduces the life and capacity of the battery.

    I would try using the USB data cable that came with the phone and time how long it takes.

    If it still only takes 30 minutes, I would suspect the battery. Buy a new battery and time how long it takes. After about 3 days of using and charging the new battery, you should get a consistent charge time to compare.

    If it still only takes 30 minutes; my best bet is that your phone’s charging circuit is defective or damaged.

    HOW the phone charging circuit actually gets ‘damaged’:
    Once again with an analogy, think of it this way, using our skin as an example. We can go through life, well into our 60s with tight fitting skin if we keep fit and avoid too much sun. Conversely, once we gain weight and stretch the skin to the point of earning stretch marks, the skin will never snap back to the way it was without a visit to the plastic surgeon. Remember the resistors I spoke of earlier and their tolerances? The phones circuit was designed to charge the battery at 3.7 V. If you plug in a knock-off charger that was designed for the industry standard of 4.23 V, you will be exceeding the phones engineered tolerance by .53 V. This difference will over heat the circuitry and degrade the tolerance rating and thereby cause ‘stretch marks’ and cause permanent damage to the phone. (speaking analogically) Once you damage the phones charging circuit, it will forever operate outside the engineered specs and fail to charge the battery (new or old) correctly.
  • everythings oem. the 30 minute thing only happens rarely, but thanks for the very detailed and helpful response.
  • So, hypothetically, what if my computer had a $20 ATX power supply and a cheap, 3 layer mobo?
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    Damn... your right! I totally forgot about that. Several years ago my son had a homemade computer. He didn't warn me and I stuck my SanDisk thumb drive in the front USB port of his computer. The light on the SanDisk went abnormally bright for less than a second.. TOAST! Turns out he toasted one of his own thumb drives and now only uses the rear USB ports.

    If it can fry the SanDisk, it could certainly fry the charging circuit on the phone using the data cable.
  • Without getting into the technical mumbo jumbo, all you have to do is remember these 4 things about Lithium batteries:

    1. Lithium batteries, as a whole, perform better after a break in period where they have been fully charged and discharged for 7 or 8 cycles. After 7 or 8 complete charge/discharge cycles, you should find the battery is lasting longer.

    2. After this initial break in period, letting lithium batteries fully deplete will significantly shorten their working life. When the device says its time to recharge the battery, its time to recharge the battery!

    3. Extreme heat and cold shortens the life of any battery, lithium batteries included. Leaving your cell phone in a hot car in summer or freezing car in winter is very bad for the battery.

    4. As a rule, cell phone lithium batteries are designed to be recharged around 300 times. This is why you may need to replace your battery every 12 to 18 months, depending on your usage patterns and whether you need to recharge everyday, or not.
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    300 times, eh? Well, I'd been charging nightly even when not needed. I decided to try an experiment:
    phone was fully charged and plugged in at noon on Wednesday. It still had full bars Wednesday night, so I put it in it's coffee cup (to prevent possible exposure to spills - sometimes I leave a glass on my desk and my cat forgets that one of the very few places she isn't allowed is on my desk and, well, you know - things could get spilled), but didn't plug it in. Now, Thursday night, it still has full bars so I'm not going to charge it again.

    We'll see how many days I can go w/o a charge...

    I only open my phone for internet, so maybe only having to deal w/ one screen helps. Also, my phone convo's rarely exceed 2 minutes. I did, however, talk to my mother for about 30 minutes as I drove home in 3 inches of snow (Pittsburghers, as polite in their driving as they are, cannot drive in the snow and refuse to even consider buying snow tires). I text a handful or two times a day - varies a lot. Use the internet when I'm working to keep an eye on the bowl games with refresh on. I also use the internet when I've been defeated by a crossword and to settle arguements.

    I wonder if I can make it to Sunday?

    update: full bars Friday night 11:00 pm
  • Sunday 2:00pm 3 bars.

    I guess I can get away with charging only every 3 or 4 days which I should do since I only get 300 charges.
  • that sounds encouraging...i wonder if your just lucky. i use mine about like you use yours...i dont get that kind of batt life
  • i live in a fairly rural area with shoddy service. I had to get the network extender so that i could use my phone in the house. I find one my biggest batt killers in the location (gps). i only have it on when i use the vznav otherwise i set it e911 only. just throwin' it out there.
  • My battery finally dipped to one bar (temporarily) at 6:30 tonight when my brother sent me a video text. I plugged it in to charge.

    I made it 4 days on one charge?!!!

    Pretty cool.
  • alright pyro! whats your secret? haha
  • I was told that when you charge your phone using the wall charger is not bad to leave it after its done because the batter just stop sucking up the power but if you leave for to long in the car it is bad and can hurt your battery because can chargers are designed to charge the batter fast and don't stop when the battery is full.
    Don't know if its true but it makes sense.
  • I plug it in to charge overnight. It says fully charged. 5 mins later, I make a 2 min phone call, check one email, etc, I lose a bar. About 5 hours later the phone dies. It doesn't always do it, but it seems to do it pretty frequently. Now, if I only charge for an hour or so, I don't have any issues with the battery. It seems like my phone overcharges even though it is plugged into an OEM charger. Is this something I can fix?
  • there is a battery hack somewhere here..its a good read too
  • I would have ditched this phone a long time ago if not for the extended battery Verizon sells. I can go days without charging instead of just hours now.
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