How to put .jar files on env touch?

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Hi, i have been looking for apps and have come across quite a few .jar files, opposed to the .swf files. is there a way to get these on the phone and make it work?


  • Nope. It is being worked on though.
  • By who? Is there anything i can do? When should it be ready?
  • The envTouch doesn't have java, so, until someone figures out some way to install Java into the firmware/filesystem, we can't do anything.
  • ahh, thanks.
  • Or if the java can be remade in a similar way in flash, it would work. Unlikely, however.
  • I and a few others are pursuing a lead that would allow us to create test signatures from our phones and implement that into a converted java app in brew format. Then it's just a matter of putting it in the right folder in bitpim.
  • i heard of downloading a demo from the "app store", this installed flash on the phone. Could something like this be done with java?
  • I have not heard about this demo thing. If u could maybe find a link or something, that would be very helpful. As of right now,we can only get apps through verizon and I doubt they would want us installing flash.
    this is the link, of course its for the older env though....
  • and very cool about the text java thing!
  • just took a quick peek at that link. Wouldn't it be possible for us to do that if we changed our "platform ID" to the vx9900's and then dl the 'mini arcade' like we did with the original Social Beat?
  • why would we have to change the platform id?
  • be able to download the 'mini arcade by shockwave' app from 'get it now'. when i search for the shockwave app in 'get it now', it comes up, but im not able to download it because my platform ID represents the vx11000, not the vx9900. I'm gonna try to find the platform ID for the vx9900. I think it's somewhere in these forums.
  • ok, good luck!
  • SUCCESS!!! But the application only uses the top left quadrant (even 15%) of the screen (both external and internal) since its intended for the env. Games seem playable, but the window is just too small to have any fun with it. How unfortunate, this could've been GREAT! If anyone knows how to resize application windows in the ##LGSERVICEMENU, that'd be much appreciated, but I doubt there's a way.
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