Increase Streaming Bandwidth

Was messing around in the ##LGSERVICEMENU and found the settings for the media player.
*To access it dial ##LGSERVICEMENU, and then 000000
*Go down to Media Center Settings
*Click Get IT Now
*Scroll Right 6 times Until Browse & Download is selected
*Scroll Right 6 Times (yours may vary with the amount of apps installed) and select media Player
* Scroll down 5 times to settings
*Scroll Down To PS Bandwidth Settings
*Change Default from 64 Kbps to Max Kbps

I noticed that youtube videos are a little clearer
You can also Increase Your X and Y Scale By scrolling down to MDP AScale Setting

there is also a high performance option that you want to enable a little further down. thanks jeebz88 for this tip


  • this sounds like a good hack. can i ask where you came up with it. im gonna try it now
  • thanks laptop. good hack. guess your kind of daring
  • Can't take all the credit, I noticed it when commandofern Posted his hack on the better camera.
  • If you keep scrolling down, there's a "High Quality" setting that is default off - I switched it on, I'm not sure if there's any difference there, but the two together definitely bumped my youtube quality way up… Thanks!
  • thats why we're all here. jeebz, im gonna try yours. do you mean "high performance"?
  • Yeah, sorry about that, it's getting late lol
  • yeah. i got it. vcast videos seem much faster with these posts. nice. thanks. people venturing out and taking risks pays off. do you guys have spare phones? wish i did. had one but my daughter pined for it until it was deafining
  • wow. try vcast now if you havent. probably what you meant by streaming, but not sure
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    ok. im serious. i keep trying it and im impressed. thanks to all involved. probably one of the best hacks yet as far as the internals of the phone. ill shut up now
  • oh and to answer your question no i don't have a spare phone, But I like to live on the edge. I had the dun hack enabled within 20 minutes of getting my phone when it was brand new.
  • so do i normally. just cant with the phone right now..the dun hack ive been doing since i joined vzw. thats almost a no brainer now. this is real stuff though. this certainly very worthwhile.
  • now, if i could just get the update!
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    btw, have you tried the vcast video since? it seems like the whole phone is faster. maybe its me but it makes sense. the whole phone is basically video. gold star for all involved. commando is good isnt he?
  • this is probably the most useful hack so far for me. we all use our phones differently
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  • yup he got me pointed in the right direction. Tomorrow I will post a tutorial on how to he faster DUN speeds. Sorry I cannot do it tonight. I got a test tomorrow.
  • woah! sorry about the quadrouple post. don't know how that happened
  • youve done enough for today. good luck with your test laptop. i just cant believe how the entire phone seems faster. hope others try it so if im not seeing things
  • ok. confirmed. vvm is now 10 times faster. that cinches it. vz nav and everything!
  • disclaimer. follow laptop exactly. dont know what might happen if you dont. he mentioned that your phone might be different when scrolling. mine was. but just go to where he mentioned
  • sorry to beat this to death. but even movies from the card will play seamlessly and ff and rw with great speed. hope someone can confirm.
  • MIght I suggest doing anything in the service menus with airplane mode on. I was trying it and got a text and it froze up. fixed it. Just a little annoying.
  • Like most service menu hacks, I know the chances of bricking your phone are high. So, I have not been daring enough to try these things. I am getting to a point with this phone that I want to explore its possibilities more. How easy is it to brick your phone, even if you follow people's instructions to a T? I come to this site because of the knowledegable people here. I dont really contribute much, as I am a newbie to the whole phone hacking thing. I just wanted to thank all of you for the information I get from here, and hopefully, I'll be able to contribute soon.
  • probably a good idea to use airplane mode..ive had calls or texts come in a couple times while in there. fortunately it just rebooted or went blank
  • Does anyone think this is necessary after you have the V09 (V08) firmware update?
  • good question. but my whole phone seems faster. i guess we'll see
  • Hi guys, i'm new to the hacking world. I've trying to do this hack but i can only get as far as media player and i am unable to scroll down to setting's, which is the next step. What am i doing wrong. Pleas help.
  • pspaceman1: The chances of bricking your phone when messing around in the ##PROGRAM11000 are pretty high. But in the ##LGSERVICEMENU not so much. In the LG service menu it is mainly designed to test the phone. Now it is still possible to brick it, but you are more likely to brick a phone when you are messing with the firmware on bitpim, or changing settings in the Program menu.

    Espressomiata: I personally don't have v09 (V08) yet, But I would imagine that you would still need to do this to unlock your streaming speed. Reasoning behind locking it in the first place is for those who don't have unlimited bandwidth it would discorage you from streaming video, Or to save battery life. (more likely Verizon doesn't want to deal with the added bandwidth).
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