Nexus Theme

Heres my little rendition of the Nexus theme. Please feel free to give feedback so i can make it better and to you guys liking. Also if you would like a different wallpaper just post the link in your comment



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    here some theme you can play around
  • you are the man cmrmotoboy!
  • Firstly, thank you so much. This is gorgeous!!

    However, a few issues I have found. during the day the digital clock is humongous... like... bigger than the width of the screen. Secondly, the analogue clock always says it 12:00. The second hand moves but not the minute or hour. That said, keep up the great work your themes are always something to marvel at! =D
  • oh yeah i noticed that ill try to fix it
  • oh wait i put the wrong one for download. ill fix it right away
  • ok i fixed the wallpaper

  • Cmrmotoboy, how do I install a custom background? I've managed to get a custom theme on my touch, but I don't know how to install the background. I've noticed some themes come with a wallpaper to go with them and it has a custom clock and such, but yeah, I can't figure out how to install it:(
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Ctekk:
    If you've installed a theme, you're right in the ballpark to install the wallpaper.
    In the flash/ui directory you'll find another directory for wallpapers. There will be 3 choices corresponding to the pre-installed "fun animations". You simply overwrite one of the "sub" files with the wallpaper you want to put on your phone. "Sub" files are the external wallpaper, "main" files are the internal.
  • I have done that. Whether I did it wrong is beyond me. I chose to overwrite, where all the wallpapers are, the file that has the same name as the custom wallpaper. It overwrites, but my wallpaper is still the background that I had.
  • Do I have to set a fun animation wallpaper and then overwrite the file?
  • @Ctekk once you overwrite the file go into the settings to change the wallpaper and choose the fun animations then chose view and find the one that is what you want.
  • Cttekk,When you right click on the file in BitPim you should get multiple choices, one of which is "overwrite". When you select that it should call up a file browse window for you to select the file you want to use to overwrite. You do not need to rename anything. The file on the phone will keep the name it had. But you should notice a difference in file size.
    By the way, sometimes the new wallpaper is not available until you reboot your phone.
  • i downloaded the wallpaper now how do i get the menu download?
  • Ah, at last! Thank you Buffaloquin and H4ak3r.
  • Wonderfull, But i wish when you lock the screen it didn't change the analog clock.
  • would u like me to make u one where the analog clock is the main one instead of the digital one?
  • I was just saying. Obviously you have a life and don't just sit at a computer all day to help us out. Lol. But if you have the free time and felt like it, I for one sure would appreciate it. I will say that the current one is very nice. It seems like it takes a bit of time to load tho.
    I.e. When I press the end key to light up the screen, there's like a 2 second pause where I'm guessing it's loading it up.
  • i dont think i can do anything about the lag. i think its because of the clocks and widgets that makes the swf file large and causes the processor to load longer. i guess its just a downfall to swf wallpapers
  • that's nice can u upload it to mediafire, they have megaupload blocked at school. thnx
  • Im fine with the lag. Not to down you, but since it is so taxing on the procesor, it eats the battery up like a motha trucka. Great theme tho.
  • Hey cmrmotoboy,
    Can you make one for the internal screen? And can you make a pack with 12 hr am/pm time? Thanks !
  • Dude, cmrmotoboy's retired. He doesn't have an env touch anymore.
  • how do you remove the theme
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