Theme internet nomore :(

Hey guys, im not very good at coding and can only make good flash clocks..
i was wondering if someone can make a android based theme without browser vz nav mobile email visual voicemail vcast
i got a replacement and i dont get internet nymore so i dont want to accidentally touch those, i just want a theme with the little house that turns yelow when you touch it as the home button and android icons, dont care what bg, just put any bg in, ill edit later


  • I can try for you.
  • my old theme might work for you:
  • @telittleone....i dont really like the menu thing, i would change it but, no pc, only mac and mac sucks A88.
    and @s=Starwars551, that would be awesome
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    I Got You! just give me a few days to get to it because I'm in the middle of painting my computer room and all my stuff is setup in my kitchen lol. You want it to have the same icons as the Androids? I am working on a sick android theme right now so i can do it with that. Ill re-edit the icons for you and you can do the background or w.e
  • lol just put a htc based background, and hey i have encountered a problem, on my flash clock i made everything works i just added am/pm and it works but i noticed my phone still says 2010,, wtf i cant seem to fix it, could you fix it for me? its just the year, i cant seem to fix it and i want you to make the text of the time the same size and align it for me because im OCD and it makes me mad that its not the sam size no matter what i do
    heres the clock
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    wait one more thing.. on the flash clock could you put a background for the text of my icons? just white nothing else, i have two rows of four icons that cant be seen because of the text, but make both versions, one with the background and one without it
    i just want the background behind the text so i can see it.. member, two horizontal rows of icons (4 on each row)
    this is how i have it set up,
    at the botom i have Settings Tools Touch Settings My Pictures
    above those icons i have Bluetooth Mobile Im My Music Media Center
    just space the background for the text evenly, and if u need help try visualizing four icons below the clock interface and four incons below that one, i can do this but i cant align them

    Background behind text only not icon lol, and i want the shape of the background like the shape u have in your matrix theme behind the text, btw thats awesome
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