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  • i don't have the keyboard dock (yet) so no usb ports...was hoping for a bluetooth tether. I thought I had read on here back in the day that that could be done with the envtouch.
  • actually might get another one: $6.28 w/free shipping is worth it i think, as I rly never had prob…
  • I had a body glove case for my envtouch and never had any problems...recently my case broke, and now I'm experiencing these same problems F$#@$#%!!! don't rly want to splurge for another case but may have to, as I'm looking at keeping this phone and…
  • and of course, thx for all the tips...i'm sure i'll be back from time to time
    in Peace PPl Comment by djgreen69 July 2011
  • i've been looking to upgrade for forever it seems...looks like it's gonna be the bionic. plan is to give my env touch to my gf. feeling a touch of guilt, as she would like something nicer/newer, but she'll be getting quite the upgrade over her env…
    in Peace PPl Comment by djgreen69 July 2011
  • communication communication communication useful (perhaps) links i found:…
  • found in Best Sellers and installed. App works for headlines, etc, but errors when trying to watch NFL network live.
  • so, I have to assume chatting/IM-ing is free on Skype and doesn't eat at my 250 txt/month limit?
  • i know it's small, but I got a handful of 1gb micro sd cards 2.99 at newbury comics (in MA)...not only is it the micro sd card, but it also comes w/an mp3 album already on it (i got Shwayze) and a handy usb->microsd adapter, as well as a little m…
  • like the pair i spent $25 (i know, stupid) on for my last phone (Chocolate2)? OH SNAP! those have a 2.5mm jack...THANKS VERIZZLE!
  • I went into the verizon store and they did it for me there...actually my phone wouldn't take v.5 so they gave me a new phone, which kinda sux because now I've lost some of the cool hacks from my old one
  • hey pyro, i remember that google map thing...AWESOME! I had only done it across the Atlantic, which I believe gives alternate modes of
  • Can anyone tell me the exact essential navigator files that i will need so i can paste them from my desktop to my phone? I'm not able to paste the whole while restoring the file i got the message: "LG-VX11000(enV Touch) on C…
  • thx for me. i have the vcast pak and it says i have it w/free unlimited use...SWEET.
  • while restoring the file i got the message: "LG-VX11000(enV Touch) on COM10: Thephone is not responding while manipulating the filesystem." Any ideas? thanks.
  • I also use the Moto ROKR S9 Bluetooth headset and yes they're awesome. Play, pause, skip, back, and microphone...and when you get a call the song playing pauses, then resumes when call completes. I got it on ebay for $30 or 35 i believe a year or …
  • imho, blows away the manual (mine's still in the box untouched, doh!)