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  • I sold my replacement Touch and shipped it out yesterday, so I'm officially enV Touchless. I'm absolutely loving the Droid X so far. Thanks for all the great tips/tricks/hacks that helped extend the life of my Touch. I have a feeling that now tha…
  • I just got done ordering my Droid X. I just can't take the awesomeoness of one of the top 5 iPhone competitors any longer, heh.
  • I've had my touch for a year. It is now out of warranty even though there are issues that have not been fixed. It's time to move on. In a touch world that doesn't... Droid does.
  • I'm likely getting the Droid X in a week. I've been able to do an annual upgrade since this past weekend, so the wait is killing me. I can't wait for 8/3 for the Incredible to ship.
  • I probably would have returned my phone within the first month if not for the extended battery. I have the one Verizon sells. I actually got it for free just by asking a CSR if she had heard anything about battery life issues.
  • Yeah, my phone has started pocket dialing quite a bit. I have the fake leather case the stores sell. It worked great for the first few months, but it's getting pretty worn out. It probably doesn't help that I have the extended battery helping to …
  • "phonist: you should trade it paid and pay good money for it...also, just one more step toward an early upgrade too...maybe i pay more than most here(4 lines total w/ unlim text data etc.) but i have mine replaced when anything goes wrong th…
    in LG Ally Comment by phonist July 2010
  • I would be happy if browsing would not randomly cause a reboot.
  • The deal they had back in March was only in select areas. This one is supposed to be more open. For fun, I just logged in and went to the Upgrade Phone link. It's showing me everything at full retail price.
  • I'm afraid that if I get it replaced I'll end up with one with other problems. I mainly didn't go ahead and do it because I don't want to pay to do the VZ Nav hack again, but I likely will exchange it if I still have it in late June/early July. So…
    in LG Ally Comment by phonist May 2010
  • It sounds like Verizon is starting a new early upgrade promotion tomorrow. The Incredible I was drooling over at the store last night may be mine soon.…
  • I went to get my touch looked at and made the mistake of looking at the Incredible. I think I may have drooled on it. They looked at my touch and said that they've seen a lot of the screens do that and I could exchange it if it bothered me. I dec…
    in LG Ally Comment by phonist May 2010
  • It's sad that LG used to build tanks and one bad experience can sour that. I noticed something that looked like liquid under the screen protector on my touch. I ended up pulling the screen protector off after the "bubble" had gotten larger... it's…
    in LG Ally Comment by phonist May 2010
  • Wow, that really does look a lot like a touch. Hope it doesn't come out as buggy as the touch.
    in LG Ally Comment by phonist May 2010
  • Now I just got to figure out a way to get one without paying retail. I'm trying to stay away from the Verizon store so I don't have the temptation to touch one.
  • I used it last night and it still works great.
  • I think that ship has pretty much sailed. Early adopters on 1 year contracts are getting ready to pounce on an upgrade and those of us on 2 year contracts are planning on begging for an early upgrade once the first year is up.
  • I wish I had just got a 1 year contract.
  • Nice. You should have said that you'd agree to end the session if they'd pony up a free upgrade to an Incredible.
  • I need a free MLB app.
  • I've got my eye on the Incredible as well. Unless Verizon expands that upgrade anytime to a smartphone deal, I've got another year before I can upgrade. But my wife is only 4 months away from being able to upgrade, and just had her BlackBerry die …
  • lmao = laughing my ass off
    in App Store Comment by phonist April 2010
  • I don't have the hardware to run it, and I've heard about enough potential compatability issues to scare me off for now. I stayed on Windows 2000 for a long time too.
  • Wow, I can't remember ever being 3 versions behind on my OS before. I don't intend to stop rockin' Windows XP anytime soon, though.
  • I found out about it on HowardForums. Supposedly they're even advertising the deal on the radio in some areas.
  • I was wondering if the Devour is any good. HTC is already replacing the Eris?
  • The Mobile Email alerts are severely unreliable. I would have good days where they'd work, then a day when they wouldn't. I finally gave up and disabled them. I use or for stuff I want immediate alerts for, but I have unlim…
  • I turned off alerts a few months back because they are so unreliable I decided they are useless. If something is important enough that I need an alert, I set it to send me a text message using the email. I saw the Mobile Email update …
  • I got the black leather-like case with a belt clip and magnetic closure that Verizon sells. It fits... tightly, but it fits. I'm surprised that there aren't more cases that work with it yet, as essential an accessory as it is.