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  • As long as you can manage your own network then yes you can. It has 2 USB ports so I cannot see why not.
  • I don't think I will leave Verizon even though it has crossed my mind. I have had issues with TM and ATT and Sprint's signal is a joke down here in Florida. Metro PCS is a waste of time so I am kinda stuck with VZW. But I will have to agree with you…
  • BTW I was just poking throught he Verizon's on-line store and you can still buy the EnV Touch at a wooping $409.99 USD.
  • Asurion was my insurance company and it only cost me $50. I blew it up when I went kayaking, dam water why do you have to be wet? Any who - they will send you a new one and if you think they will ever run out... nope won't happen. If Armageddon was …
  • just so everyone knows. I lost my phone when I was out kayaking. I got my replacement phone the next day (best service I have ever had) and I was able to get my number restored and what not. Recovery works, I went through everything a person can do …
  • To be all fair. I think KlineAJ has it. By far thye best help deciding a new phone.
  • So what is your arguement that the iPhone sucks? It revolutionized the entire cell phone market and continues to do so. Now that people can jailbreak their phones legally i feel the iphone is a very strong contender to anything avaiable. The whole 4…
  • I agree. The Fascinate just seems like a waste of time. I want the iPhone but I want an Android because I hate the iPhone. I am damed if I do damed if I don't. My plan ends in March so I am not sure where or what to do next. :/
  • The message your getting is the E-mail application error. It happens from time to time and there is nothing to worry about. It is just the notification that you got an e-mail.
  • Well I always pictured VZW as a girl with a monster strap on. I have been screwed so many times by them my wife is jealous. Probably going to AT&T, at least they cover Tampa pretty well enough.
  • @ Phelon - thank you for your post above. And BTW, I have two hacked themes on my phone, FF13 and the Droid.
  • You have to format the card via the ENV Touch.
  • No there is no need to do anything. If you are really worried about it and you have some free time go ahead and change it but when my wife brought her's in they opened it, took out the battery. Turned it off and on and threw it in a box and gave her…
  • Sweet. Can't wait for some pictures and some good tech aspects.
  • Well first let me say thanks to the best techies out there Doral and Coutts. Thanks fellas this helped out quite a bit. I would ask if at all possible to make a consolidated list of the steps to follow as I had to do a bit of bouncing around to know…
  • Oh alright wow that actually makes sense too. I thought it might have been the e-mail client. Thanks AJ.
  • ##FEATURE allows you to change the Cable DUN and BT DUN. 2945#*# is the ELT menu and its to change the Auto or manual modes. What that mean to you? I have not the slightest idea yet.
  • Actually I already wrote that above. I called and they said they have no idea what it is and don't worry about it just delete it and move on. My concern is that it mentions BREW (which is the inter-workings of the Touch) and that I get this almost o…
  • In theory you should be able to. But it actually working that way seems to be unnoticed or not noted as of yet.
  • Well the thing is I dont know what this is for one and two I aint getting charged for anything as of now.
  • I aint reply to the text til I know some stupid weird crap isn't going to happen first. I don't want to reply to it and it activate something and then VZ gets a binding contract saying I committed to something.
  • @ Andervil - I happen to have downloaded that B2C app and I did the up date about a a week and a half ago. I love the external speaker phone. lol Anyway this update doesn't erase anything. HOWEVER it is advise to remove the SD micro from the phon…
    in v07? Comment by exaltedgod February 2010
  • Get It Now Search Social Beat Mobile Banking ESPN MVP Family Locator Member Chaperon Parent
  • Get it now Search is free. Going to browse around and see what else.
  • I love it how people just start random threads before looking. No offense of course but your problem can more than likely be fixed here:
  • There is no App that I am aware of however if you have a location by address or intersection then you can use your Geocaching. You won't be able to use Lat/Lon with the VZ Navigator but you might be able to google the address location equivalent.
  • I don't know about ya'll but you can do lots of things with the VZN. I use it over my GPS cuz its always been right on the money for take turns here and there and even the end points are dead on. You can text someone and/or email someone your exact …
    in Maps Comment by exaltedgod February 2010
  • Alright. I have read through this 48 comment beast and have found that most of you people might be using the wrong updated. I can prove this because I was one of those people that got stuck at 35%. I was that guy that had error messages and it n…
  • No it is not a new feature and actually it is a very common issue that was suppose to be fixed with V05 and/or V07. If you updated to 7 and it just started doing it I would recommend pulling the battery and then retrying it. We have also found that …
  • I am running my LG Support Tool on XP SP3, I go through the start update and it goes through its normal checking of the phone and it will get to about 33 seconds in and will say "Software is not supported for this model." Confused I called LG to fin…
    in v07? Comment by exaltedgod December 2009